Will Tom Cavanagh Return As Reverse Flash To The Arrowverse?

Spoilers Galore: The following section has spoilers for “Crisis on Earth X- Part-4”. Look away if you don’t wanna have your omelets wrecked….

The Reverse Flash is the biggest, worst and fiercest villain the Arrowverse has ever produced. Everything about the Villain screams evil from the top of the lungs. Tom Cavanagh’s phenomenal performance as Eobard Thawne won him more than a million hearts in The Flash Season 1. No one could have anticipated an enemy from the future could entice an audience with utter villainy in such an incredible way.

In other words, in The Flash TV series, the villain was loved more than the hero. That speaks volumes about Reverse Flash. He could be compared with Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke in Arrow season 2 which is the best season in show’s history not because of Stephen Amell (who played Oliver Queen aka Arrow) but by Manu Bennett’s stellar performance as the villain.

But Reverse Flash was only the big bad of Season 1 of The Flash. In the second season, he was only mentioned in the name. Tom Letscher portrayed The Reverse Flash in Season 3 of The Flash and in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow but failed to make as much an impact as Harrison Wells did. Fans were left asking with one major question – Will Harrison Wells’ ever return as the Reverse Flash to the Arrowverse?

The Epic 4-Part Crossover of the Arrowverse called “Crisis on Earth X” provided us with a definite answer.

The crossover pit the Arrowverse’s superheroes against their Nazi doppelgangers from an alternate dimension where Germany won the World War 2 called Earth-X. The army of Earth-X is no longer led by Hitler (who died in 1994). The Nazi War Machine is now led by three individuals – Oliver Queen, Supergirl and Eobard Thawne aka Harrison Wells of Earth 1 or Reverse Flash. All evil men form the ruling council of Nazi Earth-X.

Eobard and Barry have a history that goes back decades.. for Thawne Centuries even. Thawne is a time-traveling speedster from Earth 1’s future timeline who makes a time jump to the past to kill Barry’s mother in retaliation for his arch-enemy The Flash meddling too much with his evil plans for world domination.

Eobard is presumed dead after Season 1 when Eddie Thawne, the forefather of Eobard Thawne, kills himself and erases The Reverse Flash from the Timeline. Eobard meets a definite ending after the Legends uses the spear of destiny to erase him from all of existence for good.

But since time travel is tricky business, Reverse Flash uses his speedster abilities to make a jump to Earth-X where he helps evil Oliver and evil Kara rule Earth-X with an Iron Fist.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of the crossover, Reverse Flash can be seen battling his arch enemy Barry Allen again to gain control of the Arrowverse’s Earth. After laying all cards on the table and witnessing the sacrifice of their core comrades, both sides decide to face each other in a final showdown.

The climactic battle between The Flash and the Reverse Flash is a thing to behold. The slow-mo shots of Barry sucker punching Reverse Flash and then Reverse Flash kicking the life out of Barry Allen as both whiz through the city trying to outrun and outpace each other is every Flash fan’s wet dream come true.

After an epic battle between the speedsters, Barry gains the upper hand and pins Reverse Flash to a wall. As Barry vibrates his hand like Eobard does when killing someone, Eobard aka the Reverse Flash is hear saying”

“Go on! End it!……… End it!”

Barry keeps stalking and finally realizes the right thing to do. He stops vibrating his hand and lets Thawne go.

“What’s stopping you?” Thawne inquires. “Ah, I forgot! Barry Allen is above killing. Isn’t that right?”

“Get out of here”

Barry commands Thawne as he lowers his hand.

As Thawne is about to run away trying to save his hide, he promises he will be back again to torment the Scarlet Speedster:

 “I wonder what face I’ll be wearing next time we meet, Flash,” Thawne says as he runs away with an evil smirk.

It is still unclear why Barry lets Thawne go all of a sudden. They were fighting to death one moment and suddenly, just as Barry gains the upper hand he lets Reverse Flash escape. Taking the word ‘Good Samaritan’ to a whole new level.


Rumors are rife that Thawne will return with the face of Harrison Wells to again make life hell for Barry Allen in Season 4 of The Flash. Considering the promise Reverse Flash made to Barry about him returning back to finish the fight, I think it is safe to say that Barry Allen has done a grave mistake letting Eobard Thawne run amok again on the streets of Earth 1. The CW’s Crisis on Earth X crossover began on November 27 with Supergirl and The Arrow and ended on November 28 with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Well, time will tell if Reverse Flash returns on “The Flash” but he has definitely made the cut for DCEU’s upcoming “Flashpoint” movie starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash. The movie will feature the greatest comic-book event in the history of Flash comics – Flashpoint. It will adapt DC comic story arc written by Geoff Johns. When Barry Allen runs back in time and saves his mother, he creates an alternate timeline where he never becomes Scarlett speedster and DC universe is altered forever. Wonder Woman and Aquaman become competing warlords fighting to control the planet with their respective armies.

According to credible sources, a different version of Thawne will be introduced in the movie who is somewhat like a billionaire suffering from an advanced degenerative disease. He will turn into Reverse Flash during his search for a cure to his condition, he will evolve from a morally compromised individual to a deadly supervillain who has sinister ends to accomplish. Could the movie consider bringing Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells aka Reverse Flash?

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