3 Mind-Blowing Marvel Crossovers You Should Know About

Superhero-based comics are so much fun and for those who eat it, sleep it and live it, it is beyond just “comics”. Every comic book storyline is so exciting and compelling that it alters the comic book universe to a great degree. But what if we bring our favorite superheroes and intercross their storylines and go an extra mile, we get a new story. That’s why crossovers have a special spot in the comic book universe. There are several interesting Marvel crossover, that you would love to watch over and over again.

 1) The Kree-Skrull War


What could be amazing than seeing two sinister alien groups who are at war with each other? In the 1970s, this was one of the best crossovers Marvel delivered and set a trend followed by other crossovers. It is a crossover between Avengers and Fantastic Four and you can expect much more from it. This crossover is rich with stories where some of the story lines don’t connect to eat other. It includes Captain Marvel getting out of the Negative Zone with a lethal radiation dose and shape-transforming Skulls get into an intergalactic war. It is a huge crossover.

2) Civil War


Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven, the 2006’s seven-issue related series was a hell of a roller coaster ride. The story revolves around U.S government’s Superhero Registration Act under which every person who has superpowers is required to register under the act. However, superheroes like Captain America and other oppose the act. Later, they figure out themselves into a conflict with those you supports registration.

3) Secret Wars

secret_wars_001 marvel

We can call it a supermassive crossover because it incorporated almost every marvel superhero. The huge crossover happened between 1984 and 1985. The story of the crossover revolves around an alien called Beyonder, who transported villains and superheroes to a planet called Battleworld, to fight and win in order to get freedom. This became one of the most popular crossovers and next year Marvel rolled out another sequel called Secret Wars II.

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