10 Things That Vegeta Nailed It But Goku Can’t Even Think of Doing

There has always been a rivalry between Goku and Vegeta and this has lead to a massive debate if the show is just focusing on one character’s growth while leaving everyone else behind. Here we list some amazing moves and things which Vegeta can do but Goku can’t:

Do Special Moves

Goku might have his Kamehameha wave, but Vegeta too has his special moves. His awesome finishing moves, Gallick Gun, the Big Bang and the Final Flash are some things that Goku can’t even think of doing.

Take Care Of His Family

Vegeta is a more responsible family man, earlier though he wasn’t that much concerned about Bulma or baby Trunks, or he might not be able to show it, but now we can clearly see a change in the dude, be it not going to fight when Bulla (his daughter) was about to be born or his rage when Cell almost kills Trunks. And Goku, well he left Chichi with a baby and didn’t want to be wished back so that he could go stronger.

Grow As A Character

Vegeta is a character who has grown way more over the years than Goku, Goku may have grown stronger but that’s all. Vegeta has not just grown physically rather is someone who as a person too has grown, be it him becoming a better person, a caring father, and husband or a better team player. Also, he unlike Goku isn’t a natural and has to work for everything that Goku gets naturally.


Oh yes, this might not seem to be a very good or important skill, but well Vegeta’s cooking is what saved the planet from destruction at the time when Beerus came to destroy it. Come to think about it, it was Goku because of whom it was to be destroyed.

Can Lead A Team And Be The Boss

He is a way more focused man, serious to his core Vegeta is someone who can actually lead the team. While Goku might be a tad bit stronger at times, it is Vegeta who has the skills of a leader. Remember when he knocked out Goku and went on to fight Majin Buu? Yeah, a focused leader does that kinda thing and not someone, to whom fighting is just a sport.

Keep His Promises

This again is something that Goku can’t even think of doing but Vegeta did. And how! When Vegeta had asked Trunks to punch him once, and Trunks did he took him to a vacation as promised, whereas Goku only cares about his training.

Be A Strategic Thinker And Take The Hard Calls

Vegeta has a strategic mind that has saved the lives of all fighters many a time, most notably in the Buu saga, where it is his idea of asking Satan to request the Earthians to grant Goku their energy, while he himself took a lot of hits from Buu.

Be Filthy Rich

Do we even need to talk about this? A million Zeni is what these guys will get paid if they win the tournament, every fighter is excited except for Vegeta. The Saiyan prince doesn’t give a shit. He is amazingly rich as her wife is the daughter of the owner of the Capsule Corp.

Fight Honorably

Vegeta is someone who can easily go toe to toe with Goku and more. He is someone who fights honorably, someone who gets the job done. While Goku is someone who too, is great when one needs a big gun, but he doesn’t fight honorably. Ill-focused, non-serious and even comfortable enough to leave a fight in between *Cell Saga*, Vegeta either loses or wins, never leaves a battle in between.

Be A Prince and A King

Oh yes, this point had to be down here, Goku might be stronger than Vegeta at times, but if there is someone who really is regal and looks and works as a king, it has to be Vegeta. A man of honor who has pure Saiyan blood running in his veins, someone who has a lot of self-respect and of course the Saiyan pride, Vegeta can be something that Goku can never be, A King.

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