15 MCU TV Characters Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is not just on the big screens. Marvel TV has also provided incredible entertainment value to the audiences since years. Let us have a look at the characters that make up the MCU TV.

15. Kingpin

Wilson Fisk is not someone to be trifled with. He is a crime lord and a brute through and through. When he gets angry, it’s better to stay away or get stomped.

14. Fitz/ Simmons

The science duo from Agents of Shield is one hell of a couple. They are one of the most brilliant minds on Earth. Their scientific expertise has helped take down several villains in the past.

13. Agent Coulson

Phil Coulson used to be dead. Now he is not. Coulson has a bionic hand and the entire Shield at his disposal. His expertise in the area of espionage is also something you do not want him to use against you.

12. Medusa

Medusa is an inhuman. That almost explains why she is on the list. As Queen of Attilan, the inhuman blue city, Medusa rules all inhumans along with Black Bolt. Coupled with her super strong and super long hair that she can control, she has an edge in combat.

11. Melinda May

Melinda May is called the Cavalry for a reason. She has taken out entire platoons with a wounded leg. Her close combat prowess is supposed to be one of the greatest in the MCU TV universe.

10. Punisher

Frank Castle is a one-man army. He is a lean mean killing machine. Everyone who has seen even one episode of the Punisher Netflix series will know what I am talking about. Punisher kills. That is the only job he is good at.

9. Daredevil

The Man without fear is sure to make it to this list. Apart from his radar sense and superior martial arts prowess, Daredevil is also a lawyer and has contacts within the underworld and The Hand. He is also part of the Defenders, a group of super-powered individuals.

8. Elektra

Elektra used to be one of Matthew Murdock aka Daredevil’s love interest. Now she works for the Hand. Do not let her timid appearance fool you. Elektra is one of the deadliest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Her skills helped her become the leader of The Hand itself.

7. Karnak

Karnak is inhuman. But unlike all other inhumans, he has not undergone the process of Terrigenesis. The process is supposed to give Inhumans superpowers. Karnak never needed one. His ability allows him to identify the weakest spots in any object – living or non-living. His martial arts skills also make him a force to be reckoned with.

6. Lash

Lash is another inhuman on the list. He is indestructible, invulnerable and super powerful. His job is to hunt other inhumans. He also has energy manipulation powers and is completely immune to mind control. Lash is a guy you do not want to be an enemy of.

5. Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes is the Ghost Rider. The spirit of Vengeance has bonded to him that has given him superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. He is resistant to all forms of injuries and is immune to magic and even death as long as Zarathos keeps turning his skull into a ball of flame.

4. Iron Fist

Iron Fist aka Danny Rand is not supposed to be so high on this list. He is. Why is that? It is because Iron Fist is one of the most powerful fighters in the comic books. His chi manipulating powers have helped him take down villains ten times his size. If the TV Iron Fist is even one-tenth of his comic book counterpart, you too will bow down to his might.

3. Kilgrave

The Purple Man from the Jessica Jones Series is only a timid, weak man. He has no martial arts skills nor is he super strong or super fast. But he has one card up his sleeve – Mind Control. Kilgrave can make anyone on this list (except a few) do anything just by politely asking them to.

2. Black Bolt

Do not let the stupid show factor in while you judge this guy. Black Bolt is the king of the Inhumans not for nothing. His greatest asset is his voice. Black Bolt does not speak because his sonic screams are deadly. If Black Bolt screams long enough, it can tear the very fabric of Space and time. With a mere whisper, he can take out almost everyone on this list.

 1. Quake


Quake was not even supposed to make it to the top 10. But then came season 5 of Agents of Shield. Quake, in season 5, was responsible for destroying the entire planet of Earth. Her shockwave manipulation powers are deadly and she knows how to use them ingeniously. She is Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds.

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