10 Most Incredible Superhero Fights In MCU And DCEU

What do we love more than superheroes? Superheroes fighting each other in a winner takes all fight!! Even though none of us will admit it, superhero showdowns are a lot of fun to watch. It is more like a guilty pleasure. Here at Quirkybyte, we present you the ten most incredible superhero fights in the history of Hollywood.

10 .Wonder Woman vs. Ares

The princess of the Amazons fights the God of War. What’s not to like?!?! Although the ending was not what fans expected it to be (with the villain being not so memorable at all), it did gives us something to look forward to. The fight between the two Gods of Olympus was a treat to watch. Not just for the action, but also due to the fact that it had everyone’s fan favorite GAL GADOT!!

9. Iron Man vs. Thor vs. Captain America

Although this fight was short-lived, it did catch everyone’s attention. When Thor comes looking for his brother Loki, he encounters Tony Stark. Iron Man and Thor duke it out as Captain America joins the party. The fights ends as Thor’s Mjolnir strikes Captain America’s shield and the resulting shockwave sweeps every one of their feet.

8. Iron Man vs. Hulk

This is another fight I could watch again and again. Apart from the debut of Iron Man’s famous Hulkbuster armor into the MCU, the movie also showed what happens when Hulk’s berserker rage takes over. The resulting fight between the ultimate weapon and the green juggernaut is a treat to watch.

7. Hulk vs. Abomination

MCU’s The Incredible Hulk movie did not quite garner the audience ratings. But it did have its moments. As Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk to fight The Abomination in the middle of New York City, people run away in fear and viewers clench their fist in excitement. Hulk and Abomination trade blows one after the other. The fight ends with the Hulk chaining the Abomination after piercing his chest with his own shoulder bone.

6. Captain America vs. Winter Soldier

Not many would agree to this but Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best MCU movie till date. It is not just the darker tone but the action sequences and the multi-layered plot. The Winter Soldier, in the movie, comes after Captain America and his team. The fight that ensues between the two former best friends could be considered the mother of all action choreography.

5. Iron Man vs. Captain America and Winter Soldier

As Tony Stark inches closer to Bucky to try and exact revenge on him for Bucky killing Tony’s parents in the past, Steve Rogers stands in his way. Iron Man has a suit of armor but Cap and Bucky have the numbers. Yet Iron Man uses his suit’s A.I to predict his opponents’ moves and almost wins until Cap finally gains the upper hand and defeats Tony for good and saves Bucky.

4. Superman vs. Zod

General Zod is by far the best villain in both comic book universes. His character has more depth, his motivations are pure and he does not step back to make a joke. He is not as insignificant a villain as Ares or Ultron were in their own respective movies. So when the Man of Steel, the purest of the pure finally decides to face a villain as vile as evil itself, the resulting fight between the light and the dark almost breaks the world in two.

3. Spiderman vs. Doctor Octopus

 Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy was always known for their awesome superhero showdowns. After the phenomenal green Goblin vs. Spiderman fight at the end of the first movie in the trilogy, the sequel gave us another epic fight. This time Peter Parker faces Doc Ock over a train. As the lives of the commuters and Spiderman himself are at stake, Peter Parker’s efforts to save the day and catch the villain at the same time are nothing short of a spectacle.

2. Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America

This list is incomplete without including this fight. Iron Man has his own team of superheroes as Captain America hires his own super-powered experts to tackle Tony Stark. The fight that ensues in the airport has power-packed performances from Spiderman, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Winter Soldier and a shitload of other superheroes.

 1. Batman vs. Superman

superhero fights

 Hands down the best superhero fight in the history of Hollywood, Batman and Superman fought each other but won the viewers’ hearts and souls. The movie did get its fair share of criticism but the fight itself was one epic scene that stood out like a candle in the dark. The fight was a testament to the fact that with a well-planned strategy, even a man could take down a God. The fight was also known for its memorable lines, fanboy moments and comic-book accuracy.

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