How Disney Could Get The X-Men Into The MCU?

The rumor of Disney buying Fox studios was up in the Air since last 2 months, and as of 14th December 2017, it has officially been confirmed that Disney has bought Fox studios for $52 Billion. This is a huge deal for Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as The X-Men universe because now Disney has the rights to all the characters from both the companies, which means that X-Men can now officially be the part of MCU.

But now that the deal is done, the new talk among the fandom is that how could they potentially bring the X-Men characters to the MCU without recasting the actors or by messing up the well-established timeline of MCU.

Marvel fans have voiced an outcry as to why Fox isn’t selling the Mutant franchise to the Marvel Studios and help expand the MCU for the better. Most people believe that the Disney is better suited to handle this and that Fox studios needs to be less rigid about rights.

Disney has attempted several times in the past to acquire the troubled X-Men franchise from Fox StudiosUp until now, Fox denied giving back the rights to the X-Men. They believed that this is the only major comic-book franchise that they have and they won’t commit the same mistake like Marvel who came under the Disney’s umbrella in 2000.

Fox had been holding on to the franchise thinking that it might be able to milk more out of the mutants. But recent developments instilled some sense into the studio and it agreed to part ways with it in exchange of massive consideration.

It is still a distant wet dream for Marvel lover to see the X-Men and the Avengers fighting side by side against the bad guys and saving the day. Something we all have thought to be impossible for a decade and a half.

But what if we told you that is no longer the case? What if we said that Wolverine may fight beside Tony Stark and Spiderman? Just imagine the witty one-liners and the humorous conversations and the CGI.

So how should they be brought into the mix?

The best way to do it would be by using the Celestials.

We know that they exist in the MCU because we have seen 2 of them in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 & 2. They are one of the oldest, most powerful entities in Marvel universe. They are sometimes known as “space gods” who have limitless powers.

The image above shows the death of a Celestial.

Eson the Searcher

Celestials were introduced for the first time in the MCU in the Guardians of the Galaxy but it failed to realize the potential of these cosmic creatures.

Ego the Living Planet

This also means that other celestials do exist. And as we know celestials are cruel beings who are selfish and destroy what comes in their way. It has also been rumored that celestials will play a part in The 4th Avengers movie which is the second part of Infinity war.

If you have good knowledge about Marvel comics then you should be aware of the fact that it was the celestials who put the X-Gene that is found in mutants, meaning that they are responsible for the birth of mutants. Thus, it only makes sense to use them for this crossover.

The plot could go something like this:

“After Thanos wrecks Havoc on Earth in the process of collecting the Infinity Stones, and succeeds in completing the Gauntlet,”

 “He proceeds to destroy most of the 616 universe in the second movie to impress The Goddess of Death (We know this sounds weird and kinky but that’s what happened in comics, but Hela wasn’t that character) since the Earth Heroes fail to stop him in the part 1 of the movie and some part of second movie.

Living Tribunal realizes that The Mad Titan needs to be stopped before he completely destroys the reality. So he asks the Celestial race combined to go against him because they’re the only ones who can handle the power of infinity gems without getting destroyed.

The celestials agree to him because they themselves don’t have a good relationship with the Titan. This leads to devastating reality destroying fight between the Celestials and Thanos. Ultimately the titan is defeated but most of the universe and reality is destroyed (which also ends up killing many of our heroes, some getting erased, some being dead.)”

 “Following these events Living Tribunal along with the help of the celestials and the reality gem, reset the reality, restoring everything to how it was at the start.


When they do this they also help the X-Men and the other Fox-owned characters escape The Negative Zone,”


 “An alternate reality which had those heroes and villans trapped in it after a reality altering anomaly which occurred before the events of MCU started. This could also explain why there were no mutants and the Fantastic Four in the MCU.”

Following this event, the Phase 4 of MCU could be all about setting up the new timeline with all these new characters.

Important Notes:

In the comics, Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet to destroy the universe in order to get Death’s attention (not Hela, Death. Both are different) but in MCU Hela is the mash of both characters, so it’s only fair for Thanos to go after her.

This event could also help in changing the actors who are playing big characters and are at the end of their contract.

This could also be a way to revive Wolverine with a new actor without fucking up the timeline.

The Negative Zone is a different concept in Comics but MCU could use it as an alternate reality with the Earth only having the X-Men.

This would also introduce powerful beings like Living Tribunal etc.

The MCU phase 4 and beyond is certainly going to see more magic and mysticism not less.

If Disney follows the comics or something similar then we could get a chance to see ‘First Filament’, the universe that created all of Marvel’s multiverse.

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