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20 Amazing Things About Black Panther That You Probably Didn’t Know

Black Panther’s native name is T’Challa, son of King Ta-Shaka. He is a brilliant strategist, scientist, tactician with a hybrid fighting style incorporating acrobatics and animal mimicry. He is also called as “King of the dead” in latest Marvel comics, which gives him access to all the experiences and wealth of knowledge of the previous Black Panthers. Here’s more.

Primary Founder!

Black Leopard!

Black Panther Being ‘Person of the Year’!

In The Comics!

Nation’s Great Warrior!

Michael Kenneth Williams Interested in Black Panther Role!

The Third Party in The Civil War!

Stunt Doubles!

Technologically Advanced Jet!

Skilled Martial Artist!

Master Gymnast and Acrobat!

The Panther Habit!

Master of Strategy and Tactics!

Finest Athlete!

Outstanding Agility!

Super Durability!

Super Musculature!

Superhuman Speed!

Easily Outrun Moving Vehicles!

Heart-Shaped Herb!

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