10 Strongest Characters That Are Going To Feature In Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War is going to be nothing like we have ever seen before. It is going to be the biggest superhero movie of all time. All the superheroes are going to come together in this one huge spectacle. Here is a list of the biggest guns of MCU who will be a part of Infinity War.


The God of mischief is surely going to continue being the best trickster in the MCU and we are finally going to see what really happened between him and Thanos during the first Avengers movie as he is the one who is going to give the Tesseract to Thanos. He is the ultimate player and one of the strongest beings in the MCU his story after Ragnarok is going to continue in Infinity War.

Captain America

We all have now seen what Cap is capable of. Ever since Winter Soldier came out, Cap had just shifted gears and become one of the most bad-ass fighters in the team. He is surely one of the big guns who is going to be part of Infinity War and even though he is not as strong as the like of Thanos, but he is not the one to be under-estimated.


Come on, even you knew the big guy was going to be here on this list because he is probably the strongest Avenger. Hulk’s someone who is just unbreakable, even though he too has been killed in the comics but we all know how strong this guy can be. The angrier he is, the stronger he is, we all know what happened in World War Hulk. He destroyed the entire planet and with an entire 3 movie arc beginning for Hulk in Ragnarok, it looks like we will get to see him do something similar in Infinity War.


Thor first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 and went on to become one of the most powerful god-level superheroes of the world. The Asgardian and the God of Thunder, Thor possesses incredible superpowers. With the help of his cosmic-powered hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can destroy an entire planet in one flick. And he is one of the big guns that is going to feature in Infinity War.

Black Panther

Black Panther is the master of all the martial arts and can kick some serious ass. He is the richest superhero in Marvel. He possesses speed, agility, and strength. He can run at 50 miles per hour. His suit is made from vibranium (the strongest metal in the world) which gives him protection even from major attacks and we have seen the insane tech his suit possesses in the latest Black Panther Trailer. So this suit and all his Wakandan resources surely puts him in the strongest contenders list.

Iron Man

Tony Stark may be just a human but his genius intellect levels him up into a major MCU powerhouse. He has many weapons at his disposal, equipping him to take on aliens like the Chitauri or even Ultron’s robots. And as we saw in Iron man 3 and Age of Ultron, he summoned all his suits through the house party protocol and got in the Hulk Buster respectively. We are going to see the Hulkbuster again, in Infinity War and this makes Tony one of the big guns who will be in Infinity War.

Scarlett Witch

Wanda Maximoff is one of the most powerful superheroes the Avengers currently have at their disposal. She is not only able to control people’s minds, but we saw her display telekinesis on many occasions. Its been 2 movies and we still feel that her powers are still evolving. She was able to take down vision for a while, and imagine her using her full potential!


Vision is currently the most omnipotent Superhero in the Avengers. He is not just an Android, his source of life is a feakin’ Infinity Stone embedded in his head. He has unmatchable strength, intangibility, flight, and being an android he can control various technologies that even Tony cannot himself control at once. We are yet to see his true power and Infinity War would surely give us a good look at what this guy is actually capable of.

Doctor Strange

Bargaining skills aside, Doctor Strange has a lot of mystical weapons in his magical pockets that paint him as the best-rounded of all the heroes trying to save Earth. Apart from his spells, and teleportation skills, he has access to so many mystical tools such as his cloak, the Wand of Watoomb and the Eye of Agamotto which itself contains an Infinity stone that allows him to manipulate and even go back in time!


Avengers Infinity War

Thanos is the cosmic tyrant that everyone fears in the MCU and if he ends up being as powerful as he is in the comics, expect an epic bloodshed. He is going to wield all the Infinity Stones and stud them together in his Infinity Gauntlet, and once that happens, he is just going to be unstoppable. God help all the Avengers.

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