10 Reasons Why The Iron Fist Will Destroy Batman In A Fight

Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. Now before you think of the abysmal Netflix version and go boo hear us out. Danny Rand isn’t as much as a sissy the TV show made him out to be. In the comics, Rand is one of the most humble, honest and fiercest of fighters Marvel has ever produced. Batman is the fiercest fighter DC has ever produced. So what happens when the Bat goes against the Champion of K’un Lun. Danny Rand wins. Wanna know why….

10. He can heal himself

He cannot regrow limbs back from scratch like Deadpool but his Chi manipulation does gives him the next best thing. Danny Rand can use his Iron Fist abilities to channel his life force into his own body, automatically healing it from lethal wounds. Danny has used it to even detoxify his own bloodstreams when he is poisoned mid-battle.

9. No need for Gadgets

Danny Rand is not someone who looks to carry around a fanny pack containing expensive toys to fight the bad guys. All he needs is his two glowing little hands. Batman may use batarangs and smoke bombs to fight. For Danny, all he needs is his costume to become the Iron Fist. Plus what good is a batarang against a guy who has stopped a moving train with a single punch.

8. Magic Immunity

Batman distrusts as magic as just “science that hasn’t been yet understood.” But Batman also believes in being prepared for anything and everything. He has been seen employing magic based contingencies in the past and if he tries to use that on Danny, then he is in on one hell of surprise. Danny has ben gifted immunity to all forms of magic from the Ancient One himself.

7. Power of Hypnotism

Jim Gordon is talking. He looks back. The Bat is gone. Stuff like that is impossible for Batman to pull off every time if The Batman wasn’t privy to low level hypnotism. But Danny isn’t one for parlor tricks. After reading The book of The Iron Fist, Danny rand perfected the Hypnotic fist ability. He can hypnotize opponents in the middle of a fight and wait for the perfect moment to strike. He is willing to get inside the opponent’s head for victory in battle.

6. Super Human Durability

Apart from his Chi driven Self healing techniques, Danny can use an aura shield to slow projectiles like bullets and shuriken from reaching his body. When Diamondback broke his back in Bendis’s run on The Defenders, it only took a few seconds for Danny to revive himself from a full spinal injury. Batman uses several forms of armors in the comics. Danny never needs one.

5. Superior senses

Danny doesn’t have Wolverine’s nodes or Daredevil’s radar vision. What he does have is his incredible control over his Chi. By harnessing it, Iron Fist can even hear a butterfly flap his wings and has near perfect night and telescopic vision. His nose is also superhumanly efficient. Batman’ primary tactic is hiding in the shadows. What good is hiding if the Iron Fist can sense you from a mile away?

4. He can turn off the Pain

The most perfect form of the martial arts is not having control over the opponent but having total control over your own body. And Danny Rand takes it up a notch. Batman has slowed his heart down to play possum and honed his body to be the pinnacle of human conditioning. But Danny Rand can switch off the very Pain receptors in his own body. Although it takes a lot of energy, Danny won’t hesitate from using it as a last resort. His body will know no pain. How do you defeat something like that.

3. Can handle harsher environments

Danny rand has perfected his body to adapt to anything and everything. So has Batman. But what seta Danny apart from the Dark Knight is that Danny doesn’t need a suit of armor or spandex clothing with inbuilt heaters to warm up your nuts. With mental conditioning, Danny has enough juice to go into climates that will kill the average guy. So no matter what battlegrounds Batman chooses, it won’t be a problem for Danny

2. Can turn buildings into Chi powered Weapons of Mass Destruction

Batman never plays fair. The minute he sees the fight is tilting against his favors, he pulls out something from his bag of tricks. He did that with the Justice Buster while fighting the Justice League and even the Hellbat armor while fighting Darkseid (whom he defeated). But I won’t bet on Batman just yet. Danny also has a trick up his sleeve – Using his Chi to turn non living buildings and monoliths into weapons of the Iron Fist. He has defeated gods with this Technique.

 1. He has the freaking Iron Fist!!!


Batman may be a God amongst men already but he still is human. Danny Rand is not a God but with his Iron Fist he has defeated several. Both trained in the Himalayas to become the men we respect today. But Danny got a tiny little bonus. Batman got a cape while Danny got a flaming chi powered fist that has punched a Shield Helicarrier out of the sky with a single blow. A SINGLE BLOW!!! If the Iron Fist and Batman fight, Danny just needs to land one punch on the Dark Knight with his Iron Fist and the fight is over.

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