A Huge Supervillain Didn’t Make It To The Final Cut of Justice League

Justice League has already hit the theaters. The movie has brought in, in the simplest terms, massive mixed feelings. The views on the Justice League seem to be more polarizing than Trump’s Mexican wall proposal. On one hand, fans think the movie is an art that brings in nostalgia and awesomeness to the big screens without sacrificing the expectations of its loyal fan base. On the other hand, the critics are still following the same trend that they were with pre-Wonder Woman DC movies. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie currently stands at 41%.

The movie saw massive edits to Snyder’s version which was almost perfect, but WB interfered like always and significantly edited the material for an unusual obsession with 2-hour movies.

We saw the greatest DC superheroes under one roof against a terrifying adversary Steppenwolf. No matter how hard fans try, they would never forget Ciarán Hinds’ appearance as Steppenwolf in the movie and that too for wrong reasons. The fans were expecting too much from the first movie and its villain but they had to settle with the simplified mission of Steppenwolf and watching their heroes stopping him from accomplishing his evil goals.

As it turns out, another big baddie was originally meant to be in the movie. Yes, a different villain… and that too Darkseid’s loyal follower, Desaad.


An anonymous VFX artist revealed that Darkseid’s loyal follower, Desaad was supposed to play a part in the movie:

“Desaad was in there originally, I’m not sure how far that got though. He looked grim reapery, skull like with a big cloak. Never saw Darkseid.”

Although the source failed to reveal how and when the villain was supposed to appear but it would’ve made sense if he appeared in the flashback scenes of Steppenwolf’s assault on Earth where we saw the cameo of many other DC characters as well.

For those who aren’t aware of Desaad, he was created by Jack Kirby and he first made his appearance in Forever People #2, 1971. He was corrupted by Darkseid at a very young age and has been his follower since then. Desaad became Darkseid’s henchman and is tasked to cause as much pain as possible to their enemies. He is a major power on Apokolips (the planet ruled by Darkseid).

This has further hyped the assumption of Darkseid’s appearance in DCEU at some point in the future movies.

Earlier, one of the visual effects artist from the Wonder Woman movie under the name LDN_Film answered some of the questions about Justice League on Reddit. Among many topics, there was this topic about the original post credit scenes which featured Green Lantern. On which he said:

“The original after credit scene that was shot in principal photography was Bruce being woken in the night in his lake house by a green light and being visited by Tomar Re and Kilowog. It was cut fairly early on during post.”

Apart from this post-credit scene, multiple scenes were also cut from the movie. A Vimeo user uploaded six deleted scenes from the movie which didn’t make it to the theatrical run. One of those scenes showed Keirsey Clemons’ cameo as Iris West who was saved by Barry from a deadly car accident.


The rest five scenes include Cyborg. One showed him learning how to fly, another scene showed him analyzing a weapon’s data, in one scene he was shown approaching to a Nazi base, another one in the Kryptonian ship and the last one showed him controlling hundreds of missiles just like Magneto did in X-Men: First Class.

DC have suffered a lot due to the harsh reviews of the critics which has led to a backlash from the fans as well. But this time around, it seems like Justice League will not suffer from that as the fans are totally loving the movie.

Justice League

But there is still one thing about the movie that feels very bad being a fan as well, which is similar to the previous movies like Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad- They shot 4 hours’ worth of movie and a lot of stuff ended up being slashed out of the movie.

Earlier there had been a rumor going around about the runtime of the Justice League movie. Some sources said it that it was about 180 minutes, some claimed that it was about 145 minutes but the movie was officially 121 minutes i.e. 2 hours and 1 minute long. That means excluding the credits and everything, the movie was only about 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

WB had ordered Joss Whedon to keep the movie about 2 hours exactly and this is why a lot of material that was shot was taken off. It’s high time for WB to learn from its past mistakes and work in the direction of achieving big success.

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