The Stunning Fan Art Shows Dafne Keen’s X-23 As The All-New Wolverine 

Kids are supposed to be cute and cuddly. Maybe in real life, they are. But the way of the comic book is a path untraveled and unexplored. Nothing is what it looks like. No one is as he or she seems. So when we say Dafne Keen plays this adorable little comic book character that isn’t afraid of paper-cuts and the occasional slicing and dicing, what we really mean is that she is indestructible, savage and will cut you to pieces if you get too close. The mantle of the Wolverine has always belonged to a brutal bastard who doesn’t shy away from bloodshed if need be (or EVEN IF there isn’t.. Logan never seemed to care to need one to take out his claws for a spin). X-23 is as, if not more, gruesome as Logan. And the movie Logan gave us definitive proof that neither father nor daughter have too much control of the inner animal when shoved into a corner.

As much as a fan favorite 20th Century Fox’s X-23 has become after Logan, it won’t come as a surprise to fans when we say new fan art has emerged online showing Daphne Keen as the New Wolverine, fully armed and equipped and with the costume of his father proportioned to her tiny size. The fan art shows what Daphne Keen looks like after taking on the mantle of her father.

Ever since the year 2000, the X-Men franchise has been on a roll. Starting with The X-Men in 2000, the latest addition to the ever growing and super popular movie series is Logan. And Hugh Jackman has made an appearance in each and every one of them. Three of them even put the entire focus on Wolverine’s character itself. It was in his third time in the spotlight that an aged Wolverine met Dafne Keen for the first time in his life.

Logan was the perfect sendoff for Patrick Stewart aka Professor X and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to leave the franchise. With fans on overdrive, her popularity just might sound enough for the older Wolverine to step back and let X-23 take the helm. And boy does she look badass in that classic Wolverine costume.

The X-23 spinoff movie sounds intriguing enough to get on most people’s must watch list but it is still miles away from being green-lighted by Fox for a movie adaptation. While the rumors shouldn’t be given much thought, a new X-23 fan art that has emerged online should. Masaolab used a photo of Daphne Keen and photoshopped with the image of a Cosplayer and the results were spectacular!!!

Have a look:Wolverine 

Mangold should have his feet kissed for giving us a masterpiece like Logan. He is also rumored to be working on another possible spinoff movie featuring none other than the feisty Laura Kinney aka X-23. Fox confirmed the rumors after a long speculator interval. The movie, says Mangold, will be honest and as grounded as a movie can be. If that same mantra could give us one masterpiece, why not trust him with another chance.

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold have expressed interest to return back to the 20th Century Fox franchise. Although never has Wolverine wore a yellow blue costume in his entire carrier as the character of Logan, it might finally change with X-23. If the new X-23 spinoff movie is indeed what they say it to be, then how will a grounded and honest movie about a superhero feature her in a tacky Yellow blue suit while taking on the Bad Guys is still up for debate.

It is still not possible to predict whether Daphne Keen will reprise her re in a possible spinoff, if it ever happens in the first place. Fox till hasn’t okayed the project. The development of the movie is still in, well, development.

Mangold and Kyle still have ways to go and scores to settle before setting their eyes on the perfect story and character outlines for a possible movie. The future is still a blank slate.

If they do decide to use Daphne as the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE then this cute little fan art might give them some ideas. An all suited up X-23 in blue and yellow as her claws go for the kill does look cool on screen. Don’t you think??

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