3 Most Courageous Headmasters of Hogwarts

Hogwarts has been headed by numerous headmasters, since the eleventh century. Out of these brave hearts, there  were three headmasters who had showcased immense courage during their tenure.

 1.  Albus Dumbledore

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We all are well aware of the fact that Albus Dumbledore was the most powerful wizard in the history. He sacrificed his own life to save rest of the world. Dumbledore was very brave and has done acts of courage, this was one of the reasons that even Voldemort was also afraid of him. He has dueled with the dark lord many times and managed to win, threaten his own life to discover Horcrux and has protected the castle for more than twelve years. Above all, he was bold enough plan his own death and face it bravely. Even after his death, he guided Harry Potter numerous times which ultimately led to victory.

2. Severus Snape

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In spite being a tough head headmaster, he was one of the most bravest headmaster Hogwarts has ever witnessed. Intially Severus Snape was not liked by anyone due to his rude behavior and negative attitude, but at end, he became the real hero of the saga. In spite of the fact that he was considered a strict headmaster, he was the man in need at the time of war. Severus Snape selflessly protected Harry Potter, served Dumbledore and the castle until the last breath. His bravery can’t be matched by anyone because he as sainted his own mentor, which is an immensely difficult task. He went against his own students and castle in order to protect them all from Voldemort.

3. Minerva McGonagall


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She is the current headmaster of Hogwarts. After the death of Albus Dumbledore and fleet of Severus Snape, professor very bravely protected the castles in her every possible way she could during the war. When headmaster Severus Snape had detected the intrusion of Harry Potter and his team in the castle, in order to protect Harry she dueled with Severus Snape. He lost the battle and went away. In absence of any headmaster, she cast the appropriate spells, and took all the necessary actions, to keep Voldemort away from the castle. Ever since then she had taken great care of the castle and students. She battled with her own colloquia and went against the dark lord very bravely indeed.

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