10 Insane Things You Never Knew About The Malfoy Family From Harry Potter Movies

There are many interesting families in the Harry Potter series and most of us love the Weasley family the most. We have always had a love-hate relationship with the Malfoys and that is because even though they are death eaters, it seems like they want to get out of the cult and just be a normal family. These are some of the facts about the silver-haired Malfoy family that you might not know.


10. The name ‘Malfoy’ means:

Most of the characters in the series have interesting names that are related to their personalities. Likewise, the name ‘Malfoy’ has an interesting meaning behind it which certainly connects well with their family history. The name comes from Old French, with “mal” translating to “bad” or “evil,” and “foi” means “faith” or “trust.” So when combined Malfoy becomes “bad faith.”

9. Their Family crest pays homage to Slytherin:

There are a few families that have been so loyal to one of the Hogwarts founders Salazar Slytherin and Malfoys are certainly one of them. Their family crest which has a bold ‘M’ in the middle actually pays homage to Slytherin as it is adorned with serpents which were dear to Slytherin. Also, their crest has the words “Sanctimonia Vincet Semper” in a silver banner, which in Latin means “Purity Will Always Conquer” which is a pure Slytherin ideology.

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8. Malfoy Manor was founded by Armand Malfoy:

The Malfoys have always been good at befriending influential people and turning things to their advantage. One of the Malfoy ancestors called Armand Malfoy had great relations with the King of England at that time as he did him some favors (probably magical favors) and in return, King William awarded him with a valuable piece of land where the Malfoy Manor now stands. The manor has been their family home for centuries.

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7. Malfoy Manor is situated in Wiltshire:

Malfoy Manor is located on the South-west side of England in a country region known for its hills and valleys. It is also where the famous Stonehenge is situated. The home Armand built there has been the seat of power for the family for over ten centuries. The manor is protected by a magically wrought iron gate that has many enchantments. Voldemort and his death eaters used the Malfoy manor as headquarters during the second wizarding war.

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6. The cellars of the manor hold dark artifacts:

Remember the cellars of Malfoy manor where Luna and others were held captive? Well, there are many such cellars in the manor and they are huge. These cellars are used to keep dark artifacts of the family that was to be hidden from the sight of the ministry and protected from the raids. Also, the cellars are escape proof and only house elves can escape from them (R.I.P Dobby).

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5. The Malfoys are related to many other pure-blood families:

harry potter

Most pure-blood families are related to each other in some way or the other because it was very hard to maintain the pureblood status. One simple example of this is that the Malfoys are related by marriages with the Black and Lestrange family. Narcissa Black married Lucius and her sister Bellatrix Black married Rodolphus Lestrange. Similarly, there are some other relations with pureblood families too.

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4. Lucius, Narcissa and Draco’s crimes were forgiven:

Lucius has always been cunning and even though he did a lot of illegal acts he always pulled in favors from friends and got out of things. However, there was no denying that the Malfoys supported Voldemort fully and therefore they were about to be punished but then Lucius played the snitch and gave the hiding places of many death eaters to get his family out of the mess. Also, Narcissa saved Harry by lying to Voldemort and the Malfoys abandoned Voldemort at the end. All this saved them from the ultimate punishment.

3. The first Lucius Malfoy wanted to marry the Queen:

There are many tales related to the Malfoy family and one famous tale is that in the 16th century there was a Lucius Malfoy who wished to marry the most powerful muggle in Britain who was none other than Queen Elizabeth the first. According to the tale, she denied the offer and as we know she never got married. The Malfoys deny the tale as the world knows their hatred for muggles.

2. Draco married Astoria Greengrass:

Just like his father Draco married a pureblood witch Astoria Greengrass and had a son with her. Astoria came to Hogwarts two years after Draco and despite her pure bloodline was not liked by her in-laws. Lucius and Narcissa didn’t like Astoria because she taught her son that muggles were not bad people and she did not care about her pureblood status either. She died in the summer of 2019 and Draco became a single father.

 1. Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter became best friends:

According to the ‘Cursed Child’, Draco’s son Scorpius and Harry’s youngest son Albus Severus became the best of friends when they came to Hogwarts. Albus was sorted into Slytherin which disappointed Harry and then his choice of a best friend made Harry even more disappointed. Scorpius and Albus had many big and unnecessary adventures in the Cursed child together.

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