Hulk vs Superman: Who Will Win and Why?

Hulk vs Superman: The Ultimate battle

A colossal battle ever to take place would always be the Hulk and Superman. The collateral damage during this battle would be immense and this battle would last really long as both these individuals are probably the strongest heroes Marvel and DC have to offer. The answer to this battle has always been a big mystery and fans have always wanted to see this particular battle on the big screen. Let’s find out that if this brutal battle ever occurs, who would be the one to emerge victoriously and be claimed as the strongest Superhero of all time.

The Incredible Hulk

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Hulk is a force no one can control, not even he himself. When he is ‘Smashing’ no one stays alive. Hulk is probably the most powerful Avenger and no one would want to cross paths against this giant green rage monster. Bruce Banner is a scientist with a genius level intellect and he became the Hulk when he was accidentally exposed to Gamma rays during the detonation of an experimental bomb.

When Banner transformers into the Hulk, he becomes extremely powerful and loses control and is subjected to emotional stress, at or against his will, often leading to destructive rampages and conflicts that complicate Banner’s civilian life. His Strength is often proportionate to the level of anger he possesses at a time. Attacking the Hulk will make him even angrier and hence stronger. His powers include superhuman strength and durability. He can run really fast despite being so heavy and can jump higher than a building.

Man of Steel

Krypton’s last survivor Kal-El, son of Jor-El arrived on earth as a baby when Krypton was destroyed. He was raised on a farm in Kansas by the name of Clark Kent, Son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark Kent is a very talented news reporter but when he finds someone in trouble, he comes in to save the day.

As Clark grew older, he came to realize his powers and what he could do for the people of earth with them. He possesses Super-Strength, Super-Speed and agility, heat vision, freeze breath, X-ray vision and the ability to fly at speeds much faster than a speeding bullet. His only weaknesses are Kryptonite which weakens his Kryptonian cells and could kill him and also magic. His abilities make him the most powerful superhero and he is just invincible in a fight where there is no Kryptonite.

Superman can literally beat anyone if he does not hold back. He loses most of his fight because he holds back, and if he gets rid of that factor, there is no taking him down. The opponent should literally pray that he does not lose his mind in a battle because if he does, anyone standing in his way will end up like Zod!

The Hulk vs Superman: The battle of destruction

Hulk vs Superman

Both these individuals are extremely similar when it comes to what they do to their opponents. If the two were to ever engage in a brawl, their battle would be the most destructive one ever seen.

Both of them adapt to their opponent’s powers and reply with a stronger blow.

The Hulk might really give Superman a lot of trouble, as the harder Sups would hit, the angrier Hulk would get. This battle could be almost never ending as both of them could go into god-mode if the battle keeps continuing. But the range of powers Superman has is much more than the Hulk as he has accelerated healing Factor when he gets the solar radiation and heat vision along with many other powers that would become a hurdle for the Incredible Hulk. Superman could fly off Hulk into space where Hulk might not have much control in zero gravity whereas Superman can easily control his flight and have the upper hand. Also, Hulk might not be that intelligent where he finds Kryptonite and uses it against Superman, which would be highly unlikely as that is the only way he can demolish Superman.

So the final verdict of this almost inevitable battle would see Superman as the last standing individual.

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