To See On Halloween 2017: The Scariest Movies of This Year

Ah, the horror genre. We love to get scared so much that the industry is thriving. Blood, gore, violence, the supernatural, everything is so appealing to the human nature! This year we have plenty to be thankful for, including the free no deposit bonus mobile casino. So here are the top 9 scariest movies of 2017!

Gerald’s Game

When mild sex games go a bit wrong, you can get stuck in a very difficult situation. Some handcuffs and your significant other dying on you with the keys out of reach. Enjoy your sweet agony!

Alien Covenant

The Alien franchise never seizes to amaze and scare us. Covenant is the sequel to the prequel of the original Alien. Confused? It is simple! Watch them all and leave this one for the end. That way you can find out what really happened and how everything started. Scary to the core!


Oddly terrifying and surprisingly satisfying movie. Without revealing much regarding the plot, we can simply say that the film shares many similarities with religion and implies many issues we have in subtle ways, we just have to see them clearly.


Have you ever imagined eating human meat? Have you ever thought what we taste like? This movie shows, in a very clever way, the taboos around the subject along with the insanity that can surround cannibals. For some raw entertainment, check for casino bonus as well!

Annabelle Creation

Yet another prequel this year, on the supernatural subject of spirits and demons. A doll is possessed by a demon, who tricked its makers into believing the entity to be their deceased daughter. The demon then proceeds to torment their lives and the lives of the orphan children living under their care.


Killer clown, check. Gore content, check. Mystery, check. Stephen King, check. A 2017 remake of the original It movie, which we believe was done beautifully so. A murderous clown who is after little children is the basic plot of this movie. You should really see the rest!


How many personalities can a human brain handle? Apparently, 24 are a piece of cake for our villain! A man with dissociative identity disorder kidnaps 3 teens and continues to go to his therapist simultaneously. Insanity is the best!

Cult of Chucky

We adore Chucky and all of his adventures! This one was one of the best. As always, no one believes the words of the protagonists about his existence and he manages to torture them even in the psychiatric ward where one of them is held. Beware! Chucky is multiplying!


horror movies

If you had the means to see what lies in the afterlife, would you do it? A group of friends decides to stop their hearts for 60 seconds and be revived just to experience the afterlife. However, this comes with some unwanted effects.

Grab that bucket of popcorn and start watching till the sun comes up. Horror addicts of this world unite! We are here for you to suggest only the best!

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