10 Things In MCU That Are Totally Misunderstood By The Fans

The MCU has become very well established now and we all love it for what they do. But sometimes, we fans have complaints about the plot holes and unsolved mysteries that these movies leave us with. But some of those assumed plot holes are not at all plot holes but have a proper reasoning to them. Here is a list of things that were assumed to be plot holes by the fans but were actually not.

Electricity affects Iron Man’s armor differently – The Avengers

We saw in Iron Man 2 that Tony’s suit took massive damages from Whiplash’s electrical whips but in The Avengers when Thor attacks him with his lightning attack, the suit absorbs it and comes back with an even stronger attack. Well, this is not exactly a plot hole as we know how intelligent Tony is, and he would have noticed that his suit was vulnerable to electricity, so he might have made modifications to his suit which was able to counter the shock attacks. And also his suit might have reacted differently because Whiplash’s attacks were from an arc reactor and Thor’s attack was pure magical lightning.

Rocket Understands Quill’s Pollock Joke – Guardians of the Galaxy

In Guardians Of The Galaxy, Peter Quill makes a joke about the fact that his ship would look like a Jackson Pollock painting if he shone a black light around the place. In response, Rocket informs him that he has “issues”, with the implication being that the raccoon understands the Pollock reference. Rocket never acknowledges that he doesn’t know Jackson Pollock and that’s because he doesn’t need this information to understand the joke. Rocket is well-traveled and very proficient with technology, so it’s likely he knows what a blacklight is and how it operates – and that’s enough to make the quip work for him.

Tony does not activate the house party protocol earlier – Iron Man 3

All the fans ha complaint that if Tony would have activated the House Party Protocol earlier, his house would not have been destroyed at all as a swarm of suits would have destroyed all the enemy choppers already and there were many other instances where he could have but he did not. Well he physically could not at the very last second when his house was attacked as it took him as a surprise and after that also, Tony couldn’t summon the suits until the rubble was cleared, and Jarvis even mentions that cranes have arrived to clear the site just before Tony saves the passengers who fell from Air Force One. And he did it as soon as he could, i.e. when he was charging his armor on the speed boat with Rhodey.

Thor returns to earth even after the Bifrost bridge was gone – The Avengers

In the climactic battle of Thor and Loki in ‘Thor’, we saw that the Bifrost Bridge which enabled Asgardians to travel through the Universe was destroyed, so he could not return to Earth to meet Jane. But, in The Avengers he arrives on Earth and fans took this as a big mystery or a plot hole. An explanation for this was never given in the film but rather in an interview with Hemsworth that Odin had to call in several favours from the other realms as he wanted Loki to be brought to justice as soon as possible and  it’s never stated that the Bifrost is the only way for Asgardians to get to Earth.

Thanos Gives Loki an Infinity Stone! – The Avengers

We all know that Thanos will be unleashed on the Avengers in Infinity War and his main motive is to collect all the Infinity Stones in pursuit of destroying everything. So, why give Loki an Infinity Stone in the first place?? We all saw Loki’s staff containing the mind stone which was given to him by Thanos. Well, the answer to this was hidden in a deleted clip where Loki was talking with The Other (Thanos’ trusted follower) and it’s implied that the scepter gives Loki the ability to control the Chitauri, so it was necessary that he wielded it. So, it was a gamble played by Thanos in order to get the Tesseract. That means he would have had not one but two Infinity Stones if Loki would have succeeded.

Fury Says There Are Other Heroes In The World, But There Aren’t – Iron Man

In Iron Man’s post-credits scene, Nick Fury mysteriously appears in Tony Stark’s home and asks him “you think you’re the only superhero in the world?” and says he’s here to discuss the Avenger Initiative. Well, there were no mentions of other Superheroes in Iron Man as it was the first movie and it focussed solely on Iron Man. But Fury had already known about the heroes that have existed like Hank Pym’s Ant-man, Captain Marvel, Captain America and even Banner as it turns out that he was monitoring his activities. So this explanation was the easiest and the most obvious.

Zemo’s Plan Doesn’t Make Sense – Captain America: Civil War

If you think about it in detail, Zemo’s plan was surely based on various probabilities and it could have surely gone other ways if just one or two things would have happened differently. But, it did make sense and the unlikeliness of the pan does not make it a plot hole. Maybe the movie didn’t do a perfect job of explaining the small details of his exploits, but if you look at his plan’s basic outline, all he wanted to do was frame Bucky so he could interview him and gather information about the tape of the Stark assassination, which he did and he won as if Cap, Bucky and Iron Man would not have gone to the Soviet base, he could have released that tape to the public and that too would have split the Avengers apart, from the inside.

Extremis saves Pepper, but Tony does not use it again – Iron Man 3

At the end of Iron Man 3, Pepper Potts falls to her death – or so we’re made to think. She actually survived the fall thanks to the Extremis virus, a technology that can heal people, make them stronger, and even regrow limbs. So, having this would have been advantageous but still Tony helps Pepper get rid of it and it has not been seen in the MCU again, why? Couldn’t Extremis be used to help out Rhodey after his injury in Captain America: Civil War? That might seem like a logical choice but bear in mind that Extremis is also capable of blowing people up. That seems like a big enough factor to deter Tony from using it further, which explains why he hasn’t messed with it since Iron Man 3. So it is riskier, and after Ultron, Tony cannot afford any more risks in order to good.

Tony is Iron Man again even after blowing up all his suits – Avengers: Age of Ultron

At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony blew up all his suits, took out the shrapnel and the Arc reactor from his body, and we all believed that he is done being Iron Man as he gives a speech about not needing his Iron Man armour, and how it was just a “cocoon and now, I’m a changed man”. But we then see him returning as Iron Man in Age of Ultron as Iron Man taking down the Hydra base as if nothing happened. Well, what we missed him saying at the end of Iron Man 3 was the very last line: “I am Iron Man. This means that what he meant with his entire speech was that Tony views himself as a hero whether he wears a suit or not and he never literally mentions that he is retiring from being Iron Man.

Banner suddenly learns to control his powers – The Avengers


In the climactic battle of The Avengers, we see Banner returning and straight away transforming into Hulk and being in control throughout the battle after that. What bugged fans was that how did he suddenly gain full control of his powers when just right before that scene, he went fully rogue on the Helicarrier. Well, there were instances in the entire movie that Banner was totally in control of his powers, like when he pretends to be angry at Natasha in the beginning in Calcutta, and one or two more. The reason why Hulk turned aggressive on the helicarrier is that Hawkeye’s explosion caught him off guard. He only lost control due to the unprecedented nature of the circumstances, but usually, he’s in full control of his abilities.

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