This Insane Theory Explains How Bran And Sam Would Defeat The Night King

The curious guy and the omnipresent freak!

Bran and Sam are two characters that reunited on screen after a long time on the show. In the finale, we saw them together as Jon’s rightful claim to the throne became clear because we know that Jon aka Aegon is not a bastard but a legitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. The first person however who should be credited for this revelation is Gilly! Gilly is an extremely underrated character on the show and in this season she made the biggest revelation only to be interrupted by Sam.

Bran, as we know, is the three eyed raven now which means that he has the ability to look in the past and even manipulate events of past and present. He is the omnipresent and creepy guy who has the ability to be anywhere whenever he wants. This power makes him extremely important on the show and hopefully, he will make big revelations on the show at some point.

Samwell Tarly is one of the most curious people who really want to save the world by reading up stuff from the past and finding solutions for the present situations. So if we combine the curious guy with the omnipresent God we would really be able to save the world of anything. This is the inspiration for the new fan theory that reveals how Bran Stark aka three eyed ravens plus Samwell Tarly can together defeat the Night King.

As we know that Bran has the power to look into the past but does not have the knowledge to know where to look. Sam, on the other hand, is full of knowledge but doesn’t know what to do with it. So Sam can help Bran separate the needles from the haystacks, pointing him in the direction of the vital information.

Another fact that must be considered is that Bran can not only look at the past but also has the power to change or affect it. Remember the ‘Hodor’ scene? It showed that Bran can go in the past and affect the things or people into doing things in the future. This means he can go back and even stop the Night king from becoming Night king or at least find an easier way to kill him. Samwell Tarly is the sidekick Bran deserves and needs at this point because he may be a green seer and three eyed raven and what not but he doesn’t have the mind of a scholar. So this is the dream team that we need in season 8 and as they have already united in the finale it should not be very difficult to make them go Batman and Robin in the final season.

It is almost like Bran is the perfect search engine and Sam just knows what to Google! So bring on the epic duo in the final season and the Night King surely won’t stand a chance. The Night King must watch out for this amazing combo which definitely has the power to kill him if they just put their mind to it.

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