10 Most Stupid Things About Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones Season 7 has ended and by far this is the most controversial season of GOT because there was a definite reduction in quality and the writing became weaker. For all of the action and the incredible amount of witty banter that was season seven of Game of Thrones, there is a lot that makes absolutely no sense. And I’m not even talking about the weird jumps in time that make it seem like people can travel faster than a dragon flies. There are many things in this season that don’t make sense, these are some of those things:

Arya and Sansa Fighting:

So Littlefinger wanted to put a feud between the sisters to divide and rule and the Stark sisters played along and it all ended up in Littlefinger’s doom. We know that Sansa and Arya never got along even as kids but the fact that they were fighting even now is stupid. They must have made it look like they had issues with each other so that Baelish was convinced but then why were they fighting and scaring each other in private?

Thoros of Myr’s death:

So the red priest was attacked brutally by a bear and was injured but survived. He survived for some time even with his injuries but later froze to death. This is a bit absurd and almost felt like they wasted a character. They could have killed him while he was fighting off the bear and it would have been better but freezing him to death was just annoying.

What happened to Tyrion?

In this season we saw Tyrion fail on some occasions and it was really bad. His failures cost Dany the Greyjoys and the sand snakes too. Tyrion is known for his brilliant mind but this season made him a fool. This is not good seeing that he is one of the most loved characters of the show and he simply sat back and gave bad advice in this season.

Jaime Lannister:

So the Kingslayer killed the mad king when he was about to throw wildfire on everyone and got his title. Jaime hated him and killed him for all the innocent lives that would have ended if he had lived. Jaime sees Dany on the battlefield with Drogon and she somehow reminds him of the mad king and he believes she is as dangerous which is why he charges at her to kill her. Meanwhile, his sister kills hundreds of people in the Sept of Baelor and he does nothing!

Killing off Benjen Stark:

So when Jon Snow is in need of a miracle his dear uncle Benjen comes to his rescue in a heroic scene. Benjen disappeared from the show for a while after season 1 and then appeared to save Bran and this time he appeared again to save Jon. His character has been totally wasted and this time it felt like he was forgotten by the writers of the show for a long time and they brought him back just to kill him because now they don’t care about him.

The timeline:

Game of Thrones Season 7 had a messed up timeline as people were getting anywhere in a matter of minutes and things were happening hastily. We understand that only 1 season is left and the writers have to cover a lot of stuff but then wither make the episodes longer or more in number. Instead, they show Gendry’s amazing track running skills!

Can ice dragon tear down the wall?

So Bran the builder built the wall and it is believed to be magical because it has stopped the white walkers for years until they get a blue flame throwing dragon. So the magic of the wall can die with just one zombie dragon throwing ice/fire/whatever that blue thing is on it? This scene was underwhelming and the makers should have put more effort to make it look convincing.


This was one of the most predictable seasons and that means that the writers are going towards the obvious. GOT was known for its original and creative writing and plot but this season made it a fan fiction inspired show. The show needs its suspense and the sense of unpredictability back to surprise the audience.

What about dragon glass?

So the show began with the revelation that Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragon glass. Jon even goes there to mine the glass and make weapons from it. Then why did they abandon this idea? When they went to capture a wight why did they not take those weapons or wait till they were made?

The suicide mission:

Tyrion might have been at his worst in this season but this idea just made him look so stupid. The plan was destined to doom and was just juvenile. Showing Cersei a wight to convince her to fight the walkers? Why would a power hungry and throne thirsty person care about something miles away that will probably be destroyed before it reaches king’s landing? This was Tyrion’s worst move as he should have known better when it came to his big sister.

Lastly, we just want to ask the biggest question…WHERE DID THE CHAINS COME FROM!?!?

Game of Thrones Season 7

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