7 Reasons Why Black Panther Is More Batman Than Batman Himself

Batman has been the most popular and the most lovable superhero to have existed all this time. He is the biggest superhero DC has and we all thought that Marvel does not have a match for the Caped Crusader no matter how many super powered heroes they make. Then came in Black Panther! Black Panther just had his first live action appearance in Captain America Civil War and is going to appear in his solo movie coming out next year. We all can say that Black Panther is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Batman. If you think about it, Black Panther is a better Batman than Batman himself. Here is a list of reasons why Panther is simply the better Batman.

City’s richest man VS World’s richest man

Both T’Challa and Bruce Wayne are Multi-Billionaires but Black Panther’s Net Work is almost 6.5 times more than Bruce Wayne, i.e. $500 Billion > $80 Billion. Come one, he is the King of Wakanda! If they both were to somehow use their wealth in their fight, Panther is the clear winner.

World’s Greatest Detective VS One of World’s Smartest Men

Sure Bruce Wayne has a very high IQ and is the world’s greatest detective, but T’Challa is the 8th most intelligent person in the entire planet. He has immense knowledge of advanced sciences and technologies and is a genius in physics and even has 2 PhDs in Physics from Oxford University.

Most crime ridden city VS Most Advanced Nation

Wakanda is a technologically advanced country and possesses so many useful resources, especially rich reserves of vibranium (the strongest metal on earth), that the Panther could use as compared to Gotham which is actually just a crime ridden city and nothing more and the gadgets Batman relies on could be easily bested by Wakandan tech.

The Batsuits VS The Vibranium Panthers

Well, The Dark Knight sure does have very cool and different suits and armors for different kind of battles that he has to fight but the Suits that Black Panther possesses are fully made up of Vibranium which is the strongest metal on earth and could be used very well for defense as well as offense and have many more abilities. The Panther suits can survive anything, even a certain degree of explosions!

Trained by World’s Greatest Fighters vs. Descended From History’s Greatest Fighters


This is the only are where Batman is quite evenly matched and is a tough opponent to beat. Batman was trained by the League of Shadows. Being the latest in a dynasty of warrior kings, TChalla had the opportunity to learn from the skills, successes, and failures of each of his predecessors. While Batman is the master of all the Martial Arts, the Panther would still emerge victorious because of the speed, agility, and strength that he possesses which Batman would be slightly lacking in. Panther is the master of all African Martial arts, can run at 50 miles per hour and is much agiler and actually stronger than Batman.

The Bat-Armory VS The Panther-Armory

Batman’s gadgets are extremely popular, and he seems to have gadgets for almost every contingency. From various types of Batarangs to the Bat-mobile and Bat-wing, he has them all. Black Panther is no less equipped and has several Vibranium gadgets. Every gadget that he needs in combat has been designed personally by him. His gadgets help him temporarily incapacitate his rivals and give him the power to run up vertical walls as if he was simply hurtling down a slope and that too without any sound. He is the designer of the Quinjets of Avengers and SHIELD. In fact, most of the Marvel Comic Universe gadgets are based on Wakandan tech designed by the Black Panther himself.

Childhood Trauma vs. International Incident

The Waynes died when Bruce was merely 10 years old. they were killed in an alley and this murder of Bruce’s parents caused him to become the Dark Knight. T’Challa’s  father and the King of Wakanda died in a foreign incident as we saw in Civil War, where the UN was bombed, causing the death of T’Chakka. Both of these traumatizing incidents made these individuals who they are now.

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