10 Openly Gay Superheroes That Fans Are Crazy For

Being a homosexual is frowned upon in most cultures, but the trends are changing with time and people are seeing every relationship as equal. A big credit for that goes to the comics that put our superheroes in such a light that things that are normal such as these relationships seem normal to us. Here is a list of 10 such superheroes that are openly gay:


Mystique is very famous for her bisexuality in the comics. What’s more to this character is that she has done both men and women in her woman form as well as shapeshifted into a male form and done both the sexes again. Not just that in an issue, she was supposed to be Nightcrawler’s biological mother, whom she had with another female member, while she had shape-shifted into a male form. This sure was confusing!


The Kate Kane version of Batwoman is a Jewish lesbian whose relationship with detective Montoya is quite famous. So much so that when in the comics Injustice one is hurt, the other takes in a lot of pills and goes head to head with the might of Superman. So much so that she loses her own life but takes revenge for what the man Of Steel did to her counterpart.

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

No, it hasn’t always been the case about Alan Scott being gay, this is because he was a golden age lantern and at that time homosexuality was frowned upon. But since then the times have changed, in most countries at least and so in 202, the character was made openly gay. He could be called the best lantern as he doesn’t even need a ring.

Pied Piper                                                                                                            

Although he later came into being a hero, Pied Piper was originally brought into the comics as a nemesis for the Flash, the character comes to know about his homosexuality when he crushes on an actor, his sexual orientation hasn’t been talked about that much since.

John Constantine

Yeah we know, there is no surprise in finding out that John Constantine is bisexual, as it was implied since the very beginning, but still in stories such as “Ashes & Dust in the City of Angels” we could very clearly see that the dude is doing it good with men as well as women.


The infamous son of Wolverine, who was also killed by his dad is a bisexual. While he is revealed to be a bisexual, his sexual identity is more of a tool for him than a preference as he would do anything or anyone to accomplish his goals. We could call it like father like son, because in one of the timelines of one of the series, Wolverine too is portrayed as a homosexual.


This one is a really good one. Northstar is one of the first few characters who was portrayed to be openly gay in the Marvel Universe. Of course, we always speculated it but he officially came out as a homosexual in 2002. Moreover, he was also one of the first few mutants that came out. What is great that he is one of the main mutants became more of an inspiration to more gay mutants such as Anole. He also married his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu after having a long-term affair with him.

Scandal Savage

This deadly member of the Secret Six is the daughter of the supervillain Vandal Savage, She was told to be a lesbian when her and Knockout’s encounter was shown. Sad for her, as the relationship didn’t last for long because Knockout was Knocked Out by a bomb.

Jackson Hyde

Yeah, this one is about the New Aqualad. Here in the rebirth comics, Aqualad, the Jackson Hyde version has absolutely no knowledge of his lineage and he possesses all the powers of the previous Aqualad. Not just this his mother to doesn’t feel very strongly about him using his powers. When he is on to find the Teen Titans he shows his boyfriend his powers how is appalled, to say the least after witnessing this.

Harley Quinn


Whenever we think of Harley, we picturize her as a traumatized obsessed lover of the infamous Joker, to have but she has had more relationships than that. She has had a relationship with Poison Ivy, which was a way healthier relationship. She also has had crushes on women like Wonder Woman, Power Girl etc.

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