Terminator 6 Is Coming Sooner Than You Expected

In an interview that Arnold Schwarzenegger recently appeared in, he revealed that the director of the first, and best two Terminator movies and the co-writer and creator of the property James Cameron is currently writing the story for the new Terminator movie which is expected to be the first installment of a new trilogy that will reboot the struggling franchise. This is what he said.

“First Danny DeVito, Eddie Murphy and I turn the comedy ‘Triplets’. A great hit and unexpected gags, it will be a surprise as the first part of the comedy Twins. Furthermore, is planned ‘Conan’, and early 2018 I turn ‘Terminator 6’. James Cameron develops the story, David Ellison produces, and from the end of September, the authors are working on the screenplay. So a really varied time, and I love that.

So, this means that Arnold is not just going to reprise just one of his former roles, he is going to bring back 3 of his great performances.

Well, right now all eyes are set upon the Terminator franchise and people are hoping that the new reboot will be as good as the first two movies as the creator of the character is back to direct it.

Even though Terminator Genesis was not very well acclaimed by the fans and the critics, it is not stopping James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger to make yet another Terminator movie.

And, they are not just going to stop there, Terminator 6 will actually be the first addition to a new trilogy that is being planned for the iconic character.

Arnold may not be in the entire trilogy as the director hopes to pass on the baton to new characters and give Arnie a proper send-off that he truly deserves.

Well, if not in the second part, i.e. Terminator 7, Arnold is surely returning to reprise his role in Terminator 6.

Recently, Arnold revealed that when the filming for Terminator 6 will begin, and it is pretty soon. He also said that right after Terminator 6, we are going to get a Conan movie.

“In March next year, I am shooting ‘Terminator 6,’ James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a Conan.

Terminator 6

So, this means that Terminator 6 is probably going to hit the theaters sometime in 2019. While Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day may be rightfully regarded as classic films, each sequel since then has failed to measure up to the first two installments.

Personally, with only two of the five feature films being good, perhaps it might be time to retire the franchise rather than making another attempt to ‘reboot’ the series.

How do you feel about another installment in the Terminator franchise? Do you think that the films should be continued with reboots and new stories or is it time to retire the franchise? And, Do you think Arnold is still good for the character or should the baton be passed to someone else? Tell us in the comments.

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