7 Marvel and DC Superheroes Whose Future Versions Are Terrifying

Oh yes, we sure are in love with our superheroes. There are some things about them, which make us go crazy over them, while there are some superheroes which make us curious and a bit perplexed about the idea if we should be scared of them. Yes, there are these things, which should be taken care of. Some superheroes things could turn to be scary and well, be bad for the people they care about, if at all. Here are some superheroes whose future or in one case other versions turn to be so scary or evil, that their fans will be shocked:


This is that version of the Doc Green, which is shown in the ‘Future Imperfect’ series by Peter David. This version of Hulk had taken over the World and killed off all the heroes. His powers here came from his madness and also had an upper limit to it. Not just that this version was every reason because of which the Doc Green Version stopped taking Extremis from Tony Stark.

Injustice Superman

The boy-scout nature of Superman is nothing new to the fans, but in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the Man Of Steel kills. He, when under the influence of a drug given to him by Joker, kills Lois Lane and his unborn child, that lead to the destruction of Metropolis, snaps. And that’s bad; he starts by killing Joker who he kills by putting his hand and his forearm inside the clown and taking them out of his back. He then creates world peace by enforcing it and eventually has to be stopped by Batman who brings a Superman from an alternate universe.

The Dark Knight Returns

Well, no mere mortal can even think of defeating the Man of Steel, except Luthor, who only thinks about it. But the Dark Knight has repeatedly defeated the Man of Steel, most notably in the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, where he can be seen in an armored suit, having Kryptonite weapons, Green Arrow by his side, all breaking the Man Of Steel real bad. What’s best is that after all this he fakes his own death.

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Punisher: The End

Yeah, again obviously, just as in Logan we knew Wolverine was gonna die, in Punisher: The End to it was pretty known that he will be dead by the end of the novel. Punisher survives the Holocaust and World War 3, where almost most of the human race has died, he comes out of his shelter after it all has ended and comes across a group, the Coven, who he holds responsible for the war. What happens next is that he kills them all, obviously and dies of radiation himself.

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Tim Drake

In Geoff John’s amazing storyline, ‘ The Future Is Now’ there is a time in the future, where it is good to see Tim Drake has taken on the mantle of Batman, but what’s surprising to see is that he’s taken up guns, not only that the once Asylum, Arkham was now a cemetery, having the graves of all the fallen heroes and the villains that he had killed.

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Old Man Banner


In “ Old Man Logan” Hulk gang demands money from an area’s residents and kills them if they fail to pay. Wolverine was once targeted to feed hulk with the money, which old Logan was struggling to pay. Hence Banner threatens his family and sends Wolverine away. Wolverine returns only to find out that his wife and two children have been killed because the gang was getting “bored”. Hulk too is a bastard in this timeline, ever tearing Wolverine from in between only to be killed by him in the end.

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Oh, of course, even you knew Savitar was going to be on the number one spot here. The evil future version of the Barry Allen who actually was just a time-remanent created to fulfill his purpose and die, lived long enough to feel the agony of always being the second in line. That is why he kills the Barry Allen of his timeline and goes to the past to torture Barry by killing Iris. Though this was quite a different origin of Savitar than what it is in comics, this one was pretty dark.

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