Superheroes Who Deserve To Have Their Own R-Rated Movies

Logan and Deadpool these superheroes have shown Studios that R-Rated superhero movies can succeed. Sure, Watchmen and 300 kinds of proved that same point in 2009, but now both Marvel and DC have said R-Rated movies are a possibility. Audiences are tired of so many comic book movies featuring similar plots, so opening more projects to the potential of being R-Rated makes it possible that different, mature stories can be told. There are characters who are yet to be explored in Hollywood and they could totally stand out in a more hardcore approach rather than pursuing them like Superman and Spiderman. Here is a list of characters who deserve to have their own R-rated movies.


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Channing Tatum had been cast as Gambit 2 years back and since then there has been no word on when Fox is planning to release the movie. This year at Comic Con, we finally got some update and Channing Tatum opened up that they are taking their time to make this one because they want to get it right. Hopefully, they are working on an Adult version as through that medium, they would have the full freedom to explore the character the way they want because there is a lot to do with the character in an R Rated version.


Lobo DC

If Warner Bros. wants to release an R-Rated film to match Deadpool, focusing on Lobo might be there best bet. Lobo is an alien born on the planet of Czarnia and works as a galactic bounty hunter for anyone willing to pay his price. He was developed as an overblown, satirized version of Wolverine who eventually developed a devoted following of his own. This character could have all we want from an action packed fun ride full of blood and humour and developing him would be a great opportunity.


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With the introduction of Josh Brolin’s Cable in the upcoming, R-Rated Deadpool 2, an on-screen incarnation of the X-Force team seems more likely than ever. Cable has been the leader of X-Force in the comics and this movie could be a great addition by Fox giving fans some hard core action they want as  Due to the team’s darker missions, no one holds back when they have their backs against the wall and people want to see some fight scenes that were just as brutal as what audiences got in Logan.

Green Arrow

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Arrow has found a lot of success on The CW due to its mixture of action and soap opera qualities. While the show has definitely done a good job developing Oliver Queen’s heroic personality, it hasn’t shown us exactly how brutal and crafty the character can be. It has only given us a hint of that as we have noticed that the show is much darker than the Flash. Giving us a dark story about the Emerald Archer would be a great way to bring Green Arrow in the DCEU and they could bring in Charlie Hunnam as he has been the dream cast for Green Arrow for the fans.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

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Everyone wants to know what the hell happened in Budapest! A solo Black Widow movie has been in demand for so long now and Natasha being a dark and shady spy with a dark past could provide and amazing story of what all she did in the past. A Black Widow movie can be set up as a prequel and to increase the fun, Hawkeye could be brought in and the two super spies can easily provide an R-Rated action flick to the fans.

Batman and Redhood

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We all saw how brutal Batman has been in Batman v Superman and we also got to see the costume of the dead Robin, i.e. Jason Todd. Jason Todd then comes back through Lazarus Pitt to have his revenge on the Joker and Harley Quinn who were responsible for taking his life. so, Batman under the Redhood could easily be explored as an R-Rated movie providing fans with a dark and intimidating story and include Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as Joker and Harley Quinn and Ben Affleck as Batman along with casting a new RedHood.

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