Stan Lee’s The Defenders Cameo Has Been Revealed

Stan the Man is back smiling for us!!

Marvel’s The Defenders just came out on Netflix yesterday and it seems that Marvel has now found their ‘Chi’ once again after Iron Fist got mixed reviews when it came out. Fans and critics both have loved this street level superhero team up and the internet is exploding.

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Fans all over the world are loving the show and especially the way all the characters and their story arcs are put into place and the way they all bonded with each other. All the supporting characters were also very rightly put into the story and no character was felt to be left out by the viewers. Each of them contributed equally to the plot.

The show was just amazing and everyone of the Defenders not just kicked a lot of ass, they complemented each other while doing it. It had adequate humor, a good plot, required an amount of darkness and a lot of action. It did not have any pacing problems like Iron Fist did and all the episodes ran very smoothly.

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While, all the fans hoped that a surprise cameo from the Punisher should be there in the show, but it was not. Instead, we all got a cameo that we are more used to with Marvel stuff.

Yes, Stan Lee was there on the show, not as a live person, but he had his trademark Netflix presence on the show.


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Marvel creator Stan Lee has been featured in many of the company’s screen adaptations over the years, and The Defenders series on Netflix is no exception.

The series was just for 8 episodes so it did not take fans long to find out Marvel Easter Eggs present in the show and very quickly, viewers noticed the iconic smile of Stan The Man himself.


In the third episode of The Defenders, Matt Murdock is walking down a crowded New York street. As he does, a poster comes into view over his right shoulder. Almost instantly, you’ll recognize the man on the poster as Stan Lee.

The poster is advertising something for the police department, which many fans of the Marvel shows on Netflix likely expected as this is how Stan Lee has been making his cameo’s on Marvel’s Netflix division and has made it a trademark.

Throughout the other shows in this series – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist – Stan Lee has been the face of the NYPD. Posters around the city have shown Lee as an important figure in the department, smiling out at all of the busy passersby.

If you have not seen The Defenders till now then go watch it as soon as you can because it is amazing and full of surprises. It is now streaming on Netflix. And if you have seen it already, then how did you find the show? Was it better when all the Defenders had their solo series going on or did you like them more as a team? Tell us in the comments.

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