10 Insane Things You Were Totally Unaware About The Night King

Game of Thrones has been teasing the Wight Walkers right from the beginning of the show and later on the show, the leader of the Wight Walkers was revealed, the deadly Night King. Very slowly the show has been progressing to explore more and more about the main reason of threat that bestows upon the entire world, but still, we are totally unaware of what exactly is this monster king is capable of and a lot of other information about him. Here is a list of the things you did not know about the Night King.

His powers make him nearly invincible!

What undoubtedly makes the Night King so frightening is the number of supernatural abilities he possesses, which — if you think about it — makes him an essentially indestructible villain, much to the disadvantage of everyone else in Westeros. He can change people into stone cold wight walkers, make the dead undead which not only includes humans but also animals and freakin dragons as we saw. He can shatter weapons with his touch, walk through fire and even cause earthly tremors. The way he took down a fire breathing Dragon, he is probably unkillable.

He may be trying to save the 7 kingdoms.

Until now, we have not seen a proper motive for the Night King and the rest of the wights attacking every one for except the fact that they want to kill everyone and turn them into wights as well. But what if there is more to it. The 7 kingdoms as we have seen throughout the show have never been in the piece, thanks to the houses that want to control and rule them, but the Night King might have a motive to save everyone from themselves by taking control himself.

He was a human in the “Age of Heroes”

The series only explored this briefly as we saw the children of the forest were responsible for creating a human who was one of the first men into a weight who became the Night King. This was shown when Bran was learning to be the 3 Eyed Raven and found out about the origin of the Night King. The Children created him in order to protect themselves from the war against the First Men.

It seems that he wanted to trap Jon Snow all this time

We saw that the Walkers were not able to kill Jon Snow and they were trying to drown him, but what if it was away to actually catch him, as he has been the one who has to lead the fight against the Walkers and the Night King twice now and Night King is fully aware of what he is capable of andsees him as a threat.

He was also a commander of the Night’s Watch

The Night’s Watch exists for one and only reason, the protection of the rest of the world against the Night King his Walkers. When the White Walkers first attacked in the books, it was during Westeros’ coldest, darkest winter experience — later referred to by successive generations as “The Long Night.” These walkers were fought by the First Men and Children of the forest together, and at that time, the human who turned into Night King was actually Commander of the Nights Watch.

As a human, he fell in love with a freaking Walker!

Continuing with the lore of the books, many began to forget about The Long Night’s tragic events, along with the White Walkers who started the war. In order to investigate the Walkers, he went beyond the wall and fell madly in love with a mysterious woman he comes upon who turns out to be a Walker! Blinded by her love, he bedded with her, lost his soul and turned against his fellow humans.

He was never a leader of the Walkers in the books

While the show boldly shows the Night King to be the one to lead the Walkers, it was not the same in the books. He was not the one to lead the undead and he also never had the supernatural ability to recruit other humans into White Walkerdom.

He is not affected by Dragon Fire

We all know that the dreaded Night King can walk through fire — as shown in the latest episode and in season 6 when a circle of flame literally paved the way for him to pass into Bran’s hideout. So it would be plausible that Dragon fire cannot kill him and for that reason, Jon crew need to stock as much Dragon Glass as they can get.

He was a Stark in the novels

Night King

When the Night King fell in love with a Wight Walker and was entrapped by her, they were then overthrown by Joramun and Brandon Stark. After his destruction, Bran was told by an Old Nan that the Night King was in fact himself a Stark and possibly, he also could have been the founder of House Stark.


A very popular theory is in play that Night King is actually Bran on the show.

Night King

Fans of Game of Thrones have quite the talent for piecing little details together and forming the most insane and intriguing theories for what’s to come. One of the theories that has come in play due to Night King’s more frequent face offs with Bran is that he has actually managed to take control of Bran and is influencing him to do his work from the inside. That may be why Bran does not acknowledge being himself anymore and he might not even know that he is under the control of the Night King.

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