8 Insane Fan Theories That Might Come True In Justice League

The upcoming Justice League movie by the looks of it seems to be pretty massive and considering what Wonder Woman has done for the DCEU, it is plausible that Justice League might even beat The Avengers as Wonder Woman was much better than many MCU movies. Even though we have seen quite a bit of footage of the movie in the trailers, most of the plot of the movie still has not been given out which is great. But, the footage that we have seen has not stopped fans from predicting that what is going to happen in the movie. Here is a list of fan theories which might come true in the movie.

It Will Lay Groundwork for an Injustice Movie

In Batman v Superman, we saw a Knightmare sequence which showed Superman being a dictator and evil as he is about to kill Batman. After that, we see Flash coming back in time to warn Bruce that Lois is the key. This means that either Steppen Wolf, or probably Darkseid is going to kill Lois in this movie or Justice League 2, which will make Superman go crazy after he comes back to life and after that, an Injustice movie will take place.

The Movie takes Place in 2 realities

In the last two trailers, we have seen Batman taking on the Parademons in his Batmobile particularly in an abandoned area. In the 2nd JL trailer, the sky during that scene is Black, while in the 3rd JL trailer, the sky was apocalyptic Red. Of course, the chase could be taking place in a single reality and the red color could be the result of some alien phenomenon, but what if there’s more going on? What if there are two realities where the events of the movie take place. This theory is given further credence when you consider that Alfred states “I don’t recognize this world” in the latest trailer.

Supergirl is in Justice League

In the trailer, we saw Bruce Wayne looking at a possible holographic image which had a red cape along with Blue and Gold colored clothing on what probably seems to be the leg of Superman. But if we look closely, the leg looks pretty skinny and Superman could not possibly have a leg that Skinny. So it is safer to assume that Supergirl is there in the movie and Bruce has found out about her or has been aiding her.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl exist

In the 2nd JL trailer, we saw a war taking place between the Parademons and the Amazons. That war seems to take place in an ancient medieval period as we saw Vikings bury a mother box, so we know that the ancient period is going to be featured in the movie. During that battle scene, towards the right side of a mid-air Amazon warrior, we see two sets of white colored wings far behind the Parademon army. These wings are very different than the usual Parademon wings, so it is very much possible that both Hawkman and Hawkgirl are present during the battle.

It is revealed that Aquaman saved sups in Man of Steel

In Man of Steel, we saw Clark save everyone from an exploding oil rig. After that, he falls into the sea and we see two whales appear in the water. The theory was that these fish have been sent by Aquaman to save Clark. While this theory is pretty old and was supposed to be addressed in Batman v Superman, but that movie gave cameos of all the existing Superheroes in a very different way, so it seems that this might be addressed in the JL movie giving it a very cool connection with Man of Steel.

Arrowverse will join the DCEU

Considering the concept of the multiverse that was heavily featured in CW’s The Flash Season 2 and 3, it is always possible that the Arrowverse from TV and the DCEU from the movies could be connected as it could all take place on a different earth. Justice league could probably address a connection between the Arrowverse and the DC Extended Universe.

Either Green lantern or Shazam make an appearance

A rumor has been going on for quite a while that one of the lanterns from the Green Lantern Corps is going to feature in the Justice League movie. We also heard Steppenwolf saying that Earth does not have any Lanterns left to protect it. This means that the person at the end of the latest trailer who meets Alfred is Abin Sur, as he is a red Alien and we see a red colored individual in front of Alfred. Besides him, that individual could also be Shazam, who is going to get his own solo movie in 2019, so this would be a great opportunity to introduce him.

Superman kills Alfred

justice league

At the end of the latest JL trailer, we see someone coming to meet Alfred. The plausible answer to who that is is Superman because of the red cape he wears on his suit. We have been hearing rumors that Superman will firstly return as an evil or brainwashed individual when he will be resurrected. So this scene could probably show that Superman has returned evil which Alfred does not know about, and Superman kills Alfred, causing a thrilling twist in the events of the movie.

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