10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Spider-Sense  

When we talk about Spiderman’s unique abilities, we mention that he can fire webs at will at an enormous speed which can even snatch bullets out of the air, and he can target them at anything he wants with the greatest precision at the blink of an eye. He can lift 15 tons on his own and has the ability to outmaneuver 9 laser beams fired at him from close range. But we don’t talk about Spider-sense or his ability to hide or attack his adversaries out of nowhere.


Here’re 10 crazy things you never knew about Spider-sense:

1. It helps Peter Parker to protect his secret identity. Every-time villains are tasked with discovering the connection between Spiderman and Peter Parker, he would be alerted that someone is following him.

2. It doesn’t work for everyone. For instance, Venom, Mysterio, Green Goblin and Iron man have found ways to negate Spider-sense.

3. It can work in his sleep too except in the event when Ultron took over the world and he slept through the night. (Hehe)

4. It can track radio-waves on a special wavelength. He also developed Spider-Tracers which would buzz when he comes closer to people he is tracking.

5. It can help him navigate the world even when he is blind or caught in a smoke cloud.

6. It doesn’t work on family and friends. This means if Aunt May or Mary Jane want to surprise him, they can do that. Once Peter Parker came in a superhero costume to his home and Mary Jane was watching from her home and learned about his identity.

7. It can be further trained, honed to greater effect.

8. Spider-sense allows him to fight superior villains in a hand-to-hand combat without specific training as he could foresee the danger.

9. It wouldn’t work if he is very tired.

10. He has lost his spider-sense many times and it can also be used against him.

Did You Know?

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