10 Most Awkward Movie Scenes of All Time

There are many such moments when you are watching a movie with your parents and then a scene comes when you wish you were watching the movie alone. These awkward moments have made us all take a water break while watching the film with parents. Movies continue to put such scenes to make us awkward and embarrassed because they believe these scenes are memorable and make people laugh. They might be funny sometimes but they are mostly just awkward. Let us take a look at such moments that made us awkward in front of our parents and we had to leave the room.

10. Little Miss Sunshine:

If you have seen this movie then you would remember the dance scene. When Olive finally gets on stage she does a dance routine that shocks everyone because of how risqué it is. Imagine a 10-year-old trying to be sexy, yes it is completely awkward and inappropriate. Olive’s dance movies shock the audience and her family but her father tries to be supportive and that is the funniest thing. The scene is innocent because the child does not understand that she is doing something inappropriate for her age and the way her family supports her is funny but this made us awkward while watching.

9. Boogie Nights:

The scene where Scotty talks to Dirk the conversation just gets awkward. The truth is that Scotty is in love with Dirk and can’t say it. When Scotty shows his new sports car and tries to kiss Dirk it just doesn’t go smooth. The whole scene becomes disastrous and then they try to hug it out but even that doesn’t make it any better. All in all there would be silence in the room and you will sense the awkwardness.

8. Dumb and Dumber:

This movie is the epitome of awkwardness and has countless embarrassing scenes. One of them is when Harry is in the toilet at his girlfriend’s house and she asks if everything is alright. Harry is struggling with laxatives and their consequences. In the history of toilet humor, this movie has certainly contributed a lot and it makes us fast forward this whole scene while watching.

7. Bridesmaids(The dress trial):

This is one of the funniest movies and has many awkward yet hilarious scenes. One of them is, of course, the dress trial scene when Lillian and her bridesmaids go to a high-end store to try on some dresses only after eating at a cheap restaurant. As a result, they all get their stomach upset and you can imagine what happens later. The most awkward moments is when Lillian is wearing her expensive wedding dress and can’t find a bathroom so she just sits on the street while Kristen Wig describes what her friend is doing. The scene is funny but too awkward to watch with the family.

6. 40-Year Old Virgin:

As the name suggests the story is a guy who is a virgin and in middle age. Played by Steve Carell this is a character that is trying to make his friends believe that he has had many sexual encounters. When his friends ask him to describe his sexual experiences in details, it all gets really awkward because Carell tells many lies and doesn’t know much about the female anatomy. The scene is very awkward and not something to be watched with parents.

5. The America Pie:

The whole movie and the whole series is embarrassing to watch with anyone. Almost every scene is awkward as these teenagers struggle with their hormones and desires and try different things to experience pleasure. Never watch this movie with your parents!

4. The Hangover 2:

Another franchise known to make its audience awkward is the Hangover. A particular scene is in the sequel when Stu comes to know that he cheated on his wife with a prostitute. The scene, however, gets highly awkward when he gets to know that the woman he cheated on his wife with may not sexually be a woman. It gets gross when she describes their sexual encounter to him.

3. There’s something about Mary:

This is another comedy movie that has many awkward scenes and one of the most unfortunate scene is before the prom. When Ben Stiller finally gets to take his crush Cameron Diaz to prom he comes to her house to pick her. He goes to the bathroom before leaving and the most unfortunate thing happens. His zipper gets stuck with his manhood and he gets taken to the hospital in front of her crush and her family.

2. Swingers:

Mike attempts to leave a message on a girl’s answering machine who he just met, it starts off simple and then his message gets cut off. He calls back, leaves his number and then starts rambling about stuff. He then panics at the thought of coming across too desperate and calls again to explain himself. He then regrets the whole thing and calls again to tell her to call back so that they can meet in person and he can explain but the call gets cut off. At last he calls again to break up with her and this time she picks up and tells him to never call again. *Awkward*


1. When Harry Met Sally:


This scene is like a sex education class for guys as Sally tells Harry that most women fake orgasms with their partners. Harry being an ignorant guy doesn’t believe that and says that none of his girlfriends ever faked an orgasm with him and that he would know if that happened. To this Sally demonstrates how a guy can never know if a woman is faking and actually shows a fake orgasm while sitting in a diner full of people. The scene is too awkward and explicit to watch with parents!

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