10 Actors That Were Called ‘Too Ugly’ For Hollywood

We have seen these actors perform on the screen and love them to the bits but did you know these actors were called ‘too ugly’ for Hollywood before they made it big? It is a shock for us too. Let us take a look at some of the major names that were not seen as Hollywood material and were criticized for their looks before they proved their worth.

Mindy Kaling:

Kaling is now known famous for being a writer, director, and creator of her own show. She has faced a lot of criticism for not being the mainstream Hollywood beauty. She may not fit into the Hollywood mold but has achieved a great amount of success by being here and not changing herself for Hollywood.

Kat Dennings:

The star of the show ‘two broke girls’ was called ugly and fat before she became a star. She was told to lose weight and fix her teeth if she wanted work. She didn’t change her appearance to please Hollywood and still managed to make it big.

Lea Michelle:

The star of FOX’s ‘Glee’ was once told that she should get a nose job and that she wasn’t pretty enough for Hollywood. She has been nominated for two Golden Globes and has achieved a lot of success.  She is proud of her nose and doesn’t want to change it for anyone!

Winona Ryder:

The 90s star was told she should not be an actress because she doesn’t have what it takes. She was told she doesn’t have the look for show business. She kept auditioning and went on to become a huge star in Hollywood. She is one of the best actresses we have today.

Jessica Chastain:

She has starred in big films and is doing great in her career today but a few years ago Chastain was told that she should change her red hair and make it blonde to get success in Hollywood. Chastain, however, refused to do so and today her hair is considered beautiful and she is known for them.

Reese Witherspoon:

This must be hard to believe but Reese Witherspoon who is Hollywood’s sweetheart was once called too ugly for Hollywood. She was constantly told that she wasn’t tall enough to play the lead and kept getting rejected because of it. Witherspoon was stubborn and didn’t stop trying until she got her first role. Today she has an Oscar and has starred in many amazing movies.

Benedict Cumberbatch:

Benedict Cumberbatch is gorgeous and extremely talented but there was a time when the ‘Sherlock’ star was told he wasn’t sexy enough to play the character of the consulting detective. All Sherlock fans would agree Cumberbatch is the best pick for the role and has played the character flawlessly. He is one of the most talented actors in the world and now Hollywood has accepted that.

Sarah Jessica Parker:

SJP became a household name with the extremely successful TV series ‘Sex and the city’ where she played the fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw. But SJP has always been criticized for her looks and in 2008 Maxim magazine put her on the list of ‘Unsexiest women alive’. This is shocking because SJP is a brand in herself and so many people look up to her and consider her their idol.

Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence may be 27 but she has already won an Oscar and continues to act in amazing films. She has worked with big directors and has given multiple hits. She even starred in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise as the lead but at the beginning of her career, Lawrence was told by producers that she was too fat to make it big in Hollywood!

Meryl Streep:actors

Meryl’s name has become synonymous with acting now as she has proved herself to be one of the best actors Hollywood has ever seen. When she was 26 she auditioned for a role and the producer told his assistant why he had brought such an ‘ugly woman’ for the audition in Italian. Streep knew Italian and understood him and went on to get her first Oscar nomination just three years after that.

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