5 Things Every Fan Wants To See in Black Panther Movie

With the anticipation of Marvel’s Black Panther, we list out five things that we want to see in the upcoming movie. Find out if you agree with our expectations:

The Advanced Technology Of Wakanda

In the comics, Wakanda is shown as a very advanced nation. It has a well-built army of soldiers, arsenal of weapons and vehicles that are both for land, sky, and seas. When Doctor Doom and Namor struck, Wakanda proved that it was not a weak little nation. Clearly, from the advanced suit that Prince T’Challa wore, there was some scientist in Wakanda who came up with a futuristic suit still rooted to their past.

The Black Panther God And The Spirit Realm

Black Panther is one of Marvel’s superheroes to have a mystical connection. As T’Challa’s people are rooted in their past and tradition, the prince has a rich history to explore. The connection to the Panther God grants T’Challa superhuman abilities such as acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes. It also offers knowledge of all past Black Panthers.

The Adored Ones

In the comics, Black Panther picked women from rival tribes called “adored ones” little-known who serve as his personal guard and ceremonial wives-in-training. They little-known dialect called Hausa so that the king and his wives have a measure of privacy. Lupita Nyang’o is set to play Nakia, a former member of the adored ones.


In the comics, Vibranium is the most powerful metal that is wielded by superheroes like Captain America. The metal gets its origins from Wakanda. As the metal is such a precious commodity, it would be interesting to see how the metal’s value has affected the world of Wakanda. From corruption to the political structure, there are different layers that could be explored along with the story.

The appearance of Princess Shuri

black panther

T’Çhalla and Shuri have a rocky relationship, to say the least. Shuri admires her brother, is jealous of him and can often be seen trying to make her own power be felt. Shuri took on the Black Panther mantle in a controversial story where she took on Doctor Doom and Namor. Like many of the Wakanda people, she opposed her brother’s decision to take part in the outside world’s matters. She would be a good addition to keep the family dynamic going in the film.

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