The Flash Gets A New Tactical Suit In Season 4

The Flash has rocked the show in the last 3 seasons and has become the best superhero TV show. People have loved him throughout his journey and this show has created a huge fan base for the character. People have really been able to relate to the character on a human level even though he is a superhero with ultimate powers.

The previous season of The Flash concluded with Barry imprisoning himself in the Speed Force as punishment for creating Flashpoint. Of course, most fans expect to see Barry return to Central City and actor Grant Gustin recently told ‘’ that he hopes Barry’s freedom will be followed by a new outfit for the scarlet speedster. Gustin said:

“If Barry gets out of the Speed Force, I think a new suit would be cool.”

Set Photos For Barry Allen’s New Flash Suit

Well, we do not have to wait for the final verdict that whether Barry is going to get a new suit in the upcoming season.

The new set photos have revealed that Flash is, in fact, going to get a new suit and it is probably similar to the one we saw future Barry wearing in the 3rd season.

Wally West as The Flash

Along with this, we now know that until Flash is going to return from the Speed Force, Wally West is going to be the Flash of Central City.

In the comic con trailer, we saw a Samurai villain wanting to challenge the Flash and he took down the rest of the Team Flash in just one go. Another set of Set photos shows that Wally West will, in fact, take the mantle of the Flash in order to pretend that he is the Flash.

A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

In the trailer, the exact scene was that Kid Flash and Vibe take on the Samurai Villain and they don’t think he’d be any match for them, but they are literally surprised as the Samurai strikes his sword making a huge impact, sending everyone flying.

He then demands, “Bring me the flash, or else your city falls.”

A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

After that Cisco suggests that if they don’t offer up the Flash then a lot of people are going to die and those deaths would be because of Team.

So this probably is the reason why Wally will suit up as The Flash until Barry returns from the Speed Force.

Wally In the Flash’s Suit

This move by the producers of the show could be a good one and a bad one too. It could be good as the show is staying true to the comics and giving Wally West a chance to finally prove himself as a speedster totally capable of filling in Barry’s shoes.

But this could actually backfire on the show as the audience could react against this move and be even outraged because of their favorite hero being replaced.

the flash

It would be fun to see how it plays as it would be a great backup option for the future of the show when Grant Gustin feels like retiring from the Show as Barry Allen, the mantle could be transferred to Wally West becoming the full-time Scarlett Speedster.

How do you feel about Wally West becoming the Flash in the 4th Season of the CW Show? How long do you think he will be the Flash on the show before Barry finally returns from the Speed Force? And do you like the new suit Flash gets to wear on the show? Tell us in the comments.

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