5 Times The Flash Fucked With The Timeline

We all know how the Flash can be. Knowingly or unknowingly, the speedster has gone to such lengths with his speed that he actually altered the timeline. usually not for the best. Here are some such times, when the Flash fucked up time timeline:

The Rogue War

This is the issue where the Rogues go at each other, lead by Heatwave, when in the issue Wally is trying to stop them the big bads of the Flash can be seen, Zoom as well as the Reverse Flash come in having created a treadmill using Jay Garrick’s speed who he has captured to make Wally watch Linda being attacked by him again and again. The day is saved by him and Barry and in the end, because of the alterations to the timeline, Linda’s legs are healed.

The Flashback


This is the story where Flash’s arch nemesis, the Reverse Flash sets a trap for the speedster by having a bomb on the cosmic treadmill, Barry gets onto it and it explodes, bored with no Flash now, Reverse Flash is just thinking about him and Barry appears, telling how he sent his molecules to the future, he then fights and defeats him.

Comedian’s Button

The Flash season 4 scarlet speedster

Okay here, it is when Batman is investigating about the Comedian’s button and is attacked by the Reverse Flash, who himself is pretty beaten up. The villain then dies and Batsy and Flash go back in time to prevent his murder, landing up in Flashpoint for a while where Bruce meets his dad, both have to flee though, they certainly aren’t able to stop Thawne’s death but are successful in returning to their own timeline.

The Slip

new barry allen the flash season 4

This is that storyline where the future Flash has actually become ruthless and kills his enemies, he comes to the present and brutally murders Gorilla Grodd following a battle with the present Flash who won’t let him kill. The present Flash loses and is sent through time while the future Flash stays and completes his work.


the flash

This has to be the biggest blunder of them all. This was nothing but a young Barry Allen, feeling lonely one evening missing his mother, so he goes back in time, prevents her murder from happening which sends ripples across the timeline creating major changes. Changes like Bruce dying and his father becoming Batman, an all out war of the Amazons and the Atlanteans resulting in a global crisis.

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