Suits Season 7 Episode 3: Mudmare Nightmare!

When compared to some previous episodes, the stuff happening in the latest episode is a bit slower and meagre. Are they losing their touch? Episodes used to be filled with Harvey and Mike’s bromance, cases that keep us on our toes, power games in the firm, Louis either saving the day and competing with Harvey and Mike. But Suits Season 7 Episode 3 didn’t contain much of that.

Suits Season 7 Episode 3

A majority of the episode comprised of Louis dealing with his rage, jealousy and what not. It was sweet of him to try and like Alex. But as usual, circumstances make things go the other way. The highlight was Louis having a mudding nightmare! That too with Harvey!! As if he would ever agree to that. It’s almost as if Louis has a guy crush on Harvey. “He loves him, hates him but also wants to be him.”-perfectly explained.

It was just the first day for Alex and already he stirred trouble everywhere. He made Harvey go back on his word to Mike of all people. Just as a good relationship was budding between Louis and Harvey, he seemed to have spoiled that as well.  Harvey seems to take a bad decision on almost all the matters that Alex is involved in.

What If Alex has an ulterior motive and Harvey is letting his friendship cloud his judgement. Then it would fall on Mike’s shoulder to make Harvey see sense. It took Donna an argument with Harvey to make her realize that she made the same mistake with Rachel by talking for her. But Donna did the right thing by firing the associate. That scene made us wonder if the Bullpen actually needed someone like Louis and his methods to keep everybody in line. Rachel and Donna have a long way to go in respect with their careers. It seems as if Mike is the only one who is feeling at home amidst everyone else struggling to cope with their new positions.

You can catch latest episodes of Suits in India on Comedy Central on Friday at 8 pm!

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