5 Strange Things We Never Expected From Hulk

He is the giant smasher and one of the strongest characters in the comic book universe, Hulk is all set to bring the madness in the upcoming MCU flick, Thor Ragnarok. There are several storylines where Hulk has smashed the shit of his rogues and Planet Hulk story reflects how he becomes a liability for the people on earth, destructing the properties and smashing everything. And this was the time when Tony Stark realized that his bank account was slowly draining. So following a collective decision he was sent into space. Check out five strangest things that Hulk did in the space.

1. Almost became a zombie

The Planet Hulk story is full of astonishing turns and one of them is Hulk’s transformation into a zombie. In his mission to save a village against the invasion of spikes, Banner takes on every spike and rips them apart as hard as he can. Despite handling the infecting spikes, Bruce falls in an inescapable predicament, where spikes can only be removed with the help of fire.

2. He became center of attraction

This time Hulk becomes a major tourist attraction where he appears to be stomping his challengers in the Gladiator-like arenas, challenging each other’s life. Eventually, Bruce Banner becomes a popular celebrity figure over the planet, with his matches being broadcast and advertisement companies calling to represent several products were something flashy.

3. Silver Surfer smacks Hulk’s butt

Talking about space, it is unfair to exclude Silver Surfer, one of strongest cosmic characters in comic book world. In the storyline, Hulk is set to face off Silver Surfer. The inclusion of Warbound in the fight brings something fun, were the cosmic Surfer kicks the butt of Hulk and pummelling him again and again.

4. He turns into a strategist

Most of the times Hulk is perceived as the not-a-smart character when he turns into the green smasher, however, he is smart as Bruce Banner. After being subjected to brute force and strategies by The Red King, this time Banner is seen doing and defending several traps diplomatically.

5. Red King’s government overthrown


Since it’s been a long time that Hulk has been residing on the planet, Bruce Banner has become a more strong being due to the radiation on the planet. All set to face off with his bulky armor, Red King’s capital was about to be smashed and then Bruce defeats the wicked ruler and frees the planet for King’s negativity.

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