Stephen Amell Wants Green Arrow To Fight Two Powerful Flash Villains

The Green Arrow is a very skilled combatant and can take down the toughest of opponents and even Meta-humans despite having no powers at all. ‘Arrow’ has featured a number of deadly enemies and the Green Arrow has beaten all of them. But now, as the CW universe is expanding a lot and the shows are increasing the number of villains, the Emerald Archer does not just want to stick to Starting City villains.

Stephen Amell recently attended a Heroes and Villains FanFest and over there he admitted that he wants Oliver Queen to take on two of Central City’s big badies too. Arrow and The Flash have crossed over a number of times now, so it becomes pretty obvious that the Heroes would want to take on the villains of the opposite shows. Here’s who Amell wanted to fight from The Flash.

“King Shark would be fun. No actually, I think that some iteration of Harrison Wells, the evil version would be pretty awesome to deal with. I like him. He’s smart.”

Well, considering the size of Arrow and the powers of King Shark, it does seem to be a pretty one-sided match-up, but Arrow has been surprising everyone for 5 seasons now, so who knows what tricks he would be hiding up his sleeve for the Monster-Meta.

Green Arrow

The only version of Wells who could be described as evil was the one Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash. The Green Arrow has taken on the Reverse Flash previously though, and the result was in favor of the Speedster.

But as Stephen Amell is pretty adamant for a rematch, fans would surely love to see that happen in the future. That happening in the future would be difficult though as the Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne has been defeated in Legends of Tomorrow S2.

How do you feel about Arrow taking on King Shark and Reverse Flash? Would you like to watch this happen? Tell us in the comments.

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