8 Secrets About Iron Man Suits You Never Knew Before

Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suits has been one of the greatest inventions of all time. The powers it possesses are unimaginable. Here are some secretive powers that you might not know, the Iron Man’s suits possess.

The Suit is Not Metal

Despite being called Tony’s Iron Man suits are almost lacking metal-less, instead, it is a very durable material which is strong enough to withstand an explosion. Except for the first Armour that Tony built in a cave, which was completely metal out of the scraps of other material.

Different Varieties

In the comics, Tony Stark has at least 53 different models of his suits, while the movies have only showcased 47 suits. These suits are not only built for just battle but are also built for different purposes and have various different technologies fitted in them, like Tony’s Stealth suit, Arctic Suit or even the Hulk Buster.

Mixing it up

Tony Usually goes with goes with the classic Red and Gold color on his suits even though his first two suits were completely silver. He has been seen mixing it up quite up bit, not just for style, but for different purposes as well. For example, his Stealth suits were completely black, to have a better camouflage.

Indifferent Strengths

All of Tony’s suits are not equally strong as they look. They are meant to make Tony stronger than human but some of his suits have extreme strengths and durability. Like Tony’s Extremis Armour can lift up to 100 tonnes, and the Hulkbuster can lift up to 175 Tonnes.

Space Armour

Tony had an icing problem in the beginning which did not allow him to fly much higher than the surface, but later he overcame that by making an Armour which would ensure his survival even in space and other planets as it has the provisions for what a human body requires.

Hidden Armour

Tony’s Extremis Armour can actually hide inside his body through Nano technology. His enemies might try to attack him thinking he is without an armor, but the suit would actually be hidden in Tony’s body and come out as a surprise to all during such an attack.

The Flying Car!

Most people like to buy their cars, but not Tony. He actually built a sports car with the ability to fly and transform into a suit while he’s driving it, and he does not even have to make any adjustments, the car itself comes around Tony’s body becoming an armor.

Absorbing Radar

iron man suits

Some of Tony’s suits do not excel in the area of strength but have other abilities. Tony’s stealth armor has the ability to camouflage and absorb radar become invisible and undetectable. They even carry light bending abilities to camouflage better and coolers for the jetpacks so they are not detected under heat-seekers.  You would not even know and Iron Man will be standing right in front of you!

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