5 Most Powerful Female ‘Warriors’ From Marvel and DC

Though the progress was slow, the comic industry has come a long way from introducing female characters as mere love interests to extending their creative capacities to draw out superheroines and powerful female villains. The domination of men among such mass reaching characters which were becoming synonymous with strength was a stamp to the authority of men over women but it’s such a comfort to finally see the true sense of femininity being reflected through these characters. Below listed are 5 such heroic women.

Lady Sif

A creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ‘Sif’ was introduced as a new love interest to Thor but later she graduated to featuring in multiple arcs. Sif lived any women’s biggest dream “being ageless” but it was just one of the many adjectives that could be attached to her unmatchable speed and stamina. Plus to add to her strengths her sword lets her open the interdimensional passageways between worlds.


Brunnhilde is captains Valkyrior, who guide the souls to Valhalla (resting place for souls) after death. Valkyrie has had her share of adventures both on Asgard and Earth wherein she has teamed up with some of the mightiest heroes and antiheroes. All this limelight was well deserved by her as she was the toughest among her people and even she possessed a sword “Dragonfang” which multiplies her strengths.


though Jane foster was fighting cancer, as she was a step smaller to death after all. What’s overwhelming is that she fought numerous enemies like absorbing man, Silver Samurai, the Accursed and the list doesn’t end. She took over Thor’s mantle and bonds with the hammer Mjolnir when Thor was no more “worthy enough”. One could never stop admiring the goddess of thunder for her above ordinary abilities!

Wonder Woman

An ultimate Amazonian warrior, Wonder Women is the first super-heroine to stand equally with Superman and Batman. Wonder woman has seen many interpretations over the years has recently been confirmed as bisexual in DC rebirth. Wonder Women’s weapons, Lasso of Truth, Bracelets and various others make her even more powerful. With her amazing speed, abilities to fly, Diana doesn’t hesitate from killing unlike her team members.



She isn’t called the ‘deadliest female in the galaxy’ for no reason. A real fierce warrior, Gamora is a really skilled fighter. Well if her battle doesn’t give it just look at her death count, if that also isn’t enough for you, just know this that she was raised and trained by the mad Titan, Thanos himself.

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