5 Marvel Villains You Would Sympathize with

While we have Marvel villains like Doctor Doom and Darkseid that are just pure evil, there are are some who just think what they are doing is right, or are not in their senses or being controlled by something. Or maybe, they’ve had a real dark past. Here are some Marvel villains with whom you’ll sympathize with:

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes is really famous these days because of his entrance in the MCU, but the sidekick in his comic days got really famous because of his storyline, where the sidekick of Cap apparently dies while fighting, but later returns as the Winter Soldier, with the Nazis having erased all his memories and made into an assassin who for some time becomes the arch nemesis of Captain America.

Doctor Octopus

This is the mastermind who actually put together the Sinister Six. Dr. Otto Octavius was once a good man, even loved a woman but couldn’t be with her because of his mother. Before his power harnessing experiment’s created tentacles corrupted his mind he sure was an idol of many science enthusiasts.


Doctor Curt Connors’ story is not unknown to anyone. Everyone knows how the well meaning doctor went on to be the Lizard. Taken over by the serum the doctor loses complete control of himself, so much so that he even eats his own child sometime in the story.


Galactus or as he’s known, the devourer was not someone who always had a planet for his meal. He was once a hero, who tried to save his own universe but couldn’t. All died and he sucked up all the cosmic energy, after which he became Galactus. What’s worse is the guy who once wanted to save all, now has to now destroy them all.


Marvel villains

Magneto was not always like this. But if there is anything that has been constant with him in his whole life, it is Racism. Even before he realized his mutant powers, he faced prejudice as he and his family were moved from one concentration camp to another, during the Nazi genocide. It was eventually their death, which unleashed Magneto’s powers. After that, according to him, he’s just protecting his kind. His ‘Brotherhood’.

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