The Identity of Savitar Finally Revealed

If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond this point. We don’t want to give spoilers, but it is our job. Can’t help it!

If you are closely following The Flash this season, the one question that has been troubling all the fans this while is “Who is Savitar?” Here’s what Savitar said about his identity and it was cryptic but true,

“i’m the future, flash.”

Well, some fans thought it was a single phrase and others thought there was a comma. So, to break the suspense as to who is right. The guys with the former theory stand corrected. It isn’t Wally West or Joe or Harrison Wells or Ronnie Raymond for that matter. It is Barry Allen himself. Duh, uh….I AM THE FUTURE FLASH. Haven’t we had enough already?

savitar identityBefore this reveal the internet was already zooming with theories on how Barry is Savitar. Now they all have come true. In the episode, we find Barry deducing it himself. How he created himself? What went wrong along the way? How did he lose his way?

Barry wondered what he will become if Iris was taken away from him or what anyone would become of the people they loved were killed. And if Savitar killed Iris, Barry would become a villain,…SAVITAR.

Discovering who Savitar really is just the beginning of the end for us! Do we need to know how Barry became this villain? We need to know what became of his powers. We need to know how he came up with this plan. And we need to know how will the present Barry change the future of Future Barry and prevent him from being his greatest nemesis ever. There will be a game-changer in this season finale. We will be left guessing as to what happens to everyone’s favourite good guy, THE FLASH.

We welcome theories from all the fans and tell us what might lie ahead.

Aditya Goel

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