5 Marvel Superheroes Who Succumbed To Drugs

Drugs are really bad. Or are they? Here are 5 cases from Marvel comics that show how drugs transformed the lives of these Marvel superheroes for better and worse:

Iron Man

In the arc ‘Demon In A Bottle’ Tony Stark sure had it rough as he suffers from alcohol use disorder. After his suit malfunctions and he’s asked to step down as the leader of the Avengers and is imprisoned, Tony develops a serious drinking problem, affecting him not only mentally but physically too. He does this to forget things.

Moon Knight

He, as we all know, is a hero who uses moon shaped weapons to fight crime. Sure as hell the dude had some issues of his own, such as having three different personalities causing chaos in his life. When broken physically, he also succumbed to drugs and alcohol that just made matters worse for the guy. It took him a really long time to get back to normalcy.

Captain America

marvel superheroes
Marvel superheroes

Yeah, we all know this dude came out of a bottle. Steve Rogers was a scrawny little kid who wanted to do good for his country during the World War. He was given the Super Soldier Serum and we all know how it went for him. Since that day, the guy, whatever he is, is because of drugs.


We all know what happened to a nerdy and brilliant Hank McCoy who takes the serum that he makes himself to ‘”cure” his “mutant problem”. He grew even furrier and more beastly, the serum actually enhanced his inert mutant powers and he became the Beast we know and love.

Cloak and Dagger

Two runaways, Cloak and Dagger were taken in by a psycho scientist who tested his drug on them, giving both super powers. Cloak now had the power to go to the dark dimension and Dagger could now throw daggers of pure light. The two became super heroes but could never lead normal lives again.

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