Best Harley Quinn Moments From The Batman: Animated Series

Harley Quinn is a great menace to the city of Gotham. Be it playing hero while being a villain in the Suicide Squad or be it her going at her sprees with her friend, Poison Ivy or her Mr. J, she has had a great run even in the animated series, here are some best moments of her from the show:

Kissed Batman

There was this episode in the series where the two friends, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn decide to kidnap a billionaire and go on a shopping spree, guess which billionaire they kidnap? Yeah, Ivy kisses Bruce with her mind control toxin and Bruce is lifting bags for the crooks, when the toxin is wearing off band Bruce says, “I’ve had enough of this”, Harley applies the toxin and gives the Playboy another kiss.

Almost Killed Batman and Is Punished

In the Batman animated series, there is an episode where Harley Quinn manages to almost execute a plan to kill Batman; Joker doesn’t like this, not one bit. He attacks her, Harley then defends herself with a swordfish, which Joker uses as a claw to push her out of a window.

Her Origin

In the episode, ‘Mad Love’ we are given an insight into Harleen Quinzel became Harley Queen. Joker, though crazy is really sharp, he in the asylum made the psychiatrist fall in love with him, by creating curiosity after telling a false story of his abusive father, making her think about her boring life and how he’ll be able to make him laugh again, indirectly making her dependent over him forever.Harley then steals her iconic costume from a shop and breaks the Joker out of Arkham.

Gives Joker A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Harley Quinn

Harley has been tormented by the Joker more times than we can count. In an episode in the animated series too she has done some “naughty stuff” too the clown prince of Mayhem. Joker when is taken into custody for fucking tax evasion, he sees a Harley Quinn waiting for her in the van, happy as he may be she is there actually in a police van with a baton and in police dress. Quinn after that gives the guy a good beating.

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