5 Openly Gay Supervillains From Marvel and DC Universe

Comics are a big part of a lot of people’s lives, where earlier, homosexuality was not supposed to be in comics, these days the policy is more liberal and why shouldn’t it be. Representation of LGBT relationships in comics is great and somewhat educational too. Here is a list of Marvel and DC supervillains who are gay:

Harley Quinn

Whenever we think of Harley, we picturise her as a traumatized obsessed lover of the infamous Joker, to have but she has had more relationships than that. She has had a relationship with Poison Ivy, which was a way more healthier relationship. She also has had crushes on women like Wonder Woman, Power Girl etc.

Scandal Savage

This deadly member of the Secret Six is the daughter of the supervillain Vandal Savage, She was told to be a lesbian when her and Knockout’s encounter was shown. Sad for her, as the relationship didn’t last for long because Knockout was Knocked Out by a bomb.


The infamous son of Wolverine, who was also killed by his dad is a bisexual. While he is revealed to be a bisexual, his sexual identity is more of a tool for him than a preference as he would do anything or anyone to accomplish his goals.

Pied Piper


Although he later came into being a hero, Pied Piper was originally brought into the comics as a nemesis for the Flash, the character comes to know about his homosexuality when he crushes on an actor, his sexual orientation hasn’t been talked about that much since.


Mystique is very famous for her bisexuality in the comics. What’s more to this character is that she has done both men and women in her woman form as well as shapeshifted into a male form and done both the sexes again. Not just that in an issue, she was supposed to be Nightcrawler’s biological mother, whom she had with another female member, while she had shape shifted into a male form. This sure was confusing!

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