5 Most Famous Love Interests of Nightwing

Nightwing a.k.a Dick Grayson is a real bad-ass character as he is a master in hand to hand combat, martial arts, has been trained by Batman himself and is a real ladies man! He has had romantic relationships with many famous DC characters. Here is a list.

Cheyenne Freemont

Cheyenne Freemont was a popular fashion designer and also a metahuman. She and Dick bumped into each other and had a one night stand. This was not his regular relationship but more sort of a fling as it did not happen again, but still, Dick always regrets doing that.

Shawn Tsang

Shawn Tsang moved to Bludhaven to have a new start in her life. Bludhaven is the city under the protection of Nightwing so they both ran into each other and Tsang’s life became really good and happy as they started dating each other. This relationship is currently going on in the comics and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.


When Dick lays eyes on Zatanna for the first time, he really shook and a current passed through his body. He fell in the magical love of the magician. He really blushed when Zatanna kissed him on the cheek on his birthday and then gave him a long passionate one on New Year’s Eve. Though not much is known about this relationship so it is safe to assume that it did not last long.


Barbara Gordon is the true love of Dick Grayson. The two really saw the good in each other and pushed each other to become an even better person until they were pushed away and separated from each other as Babs broke up with Dick due to crime fighting reasons even though they both were still in love.


NightwingThe Tamaranian Princess Koriand’r was with Dick for a long time, mostly as the two were members of Teen Titans. The pair had a very hot and heavy relationship and were even about to be married when an evil Raven showed up, destroyed the wedding and killed the priest before he could pronounce them man and wife and soon after that, they broke it off as it would not have lasted forever.

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