5 DC Characters That Are Actually The GODS

There are a lot of powerful characters in the DC comics, some even way more powerful than heroes like Superman, while some are actually Gods. Here is a list of 5 characters from DC comics that are actually Gods:

The Spectre

Well, his other name is God’s Spirit of Vengence, what more do we need to gain proof of him being a God. He can warp realities and go intangible, He is intangible and can take many forms too. The ever so powerful Spectre is actually a murdered death avenging anti-hero.

Granny Goodness

We actually wish that there is no God like her in real life. Granny Goodness was not always an elite, she resides at Darkseid’s world and now is in charge of bringing in new recruits for Darkseid’s war. She tortures them and trains to be Darkseid’s henchmen.


Zauriel was one of God’s angels, who fell in love with a mortal and hence himself chose to be a mortal. Even after being so, Zauriel possesses the powers of flight and telepathy, has sonic screams and can perform magic.

Diana Prince

Diana Prince is widely known as Wonder Woman, but after she died, she was resurrected as the Olympian Goddess of Truth. Here Diana’s mother becomes Wonder Woman and Diana is way uncomfortable in this new role of hers. As here, she can only help those people, who reach out to her, whilst earlier it was totally her discretion to help those who asked for help, as well as those who didn’t.



Darkseid’s actual name was Prince Uxas, who planned to take control of his world, Apokolips and kill his brother, he succeeded in doing both and more than that, absorbed his brother’s Omega level powers and came into being as a rock-skinned God. He is very powerful and has powers such as telekinesis, omnipotence, time travel etc. Also his Omega Beam never misses its target.

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