5 DC Cameos That Could Have Been Great, But Were Total Disasters

Some characters are meant to be wasted, but some never should be. These are the pivotal characters who can do great for the films that they are in. Apparently, that doesn’t happen every time and cameos sometimes, are just wasted. Here is a list of some DC Cameos that were nothing but a waste of time:

Harvey Dent – Batman

Harvey Dent is probably one of the biggest villains of the Batman comics, the pivotal character of the district attorney who later turns into the infamous Harvey Dent is someone who tries to cause Batman personally a lot of trouble. Not just that, turning Gotham’s white knight to someone who is as bad a s two face is a beautiful character development in itself. This could have been the case in, Tim Burton’s Batman but the opportunity was wasted as Billy Dee Williams was never re-casted for the role.

Jimmy Oleson – Batman VS Superman

Jimmy Oleson is Superman’s best friend and a photographer at the Daily Planet. He plays a pivotal part in Superman’s relation with his humane side. We all know this right? Apparently, Zack Snyder doesn’t, as the director killed Oleson in just a matter of minutes in BVS.

Yellow Sinestro – Green Lantern

It’s always a great idea to plan for the future, or so we thought. In the end of the Green Lantern film, Sinestro can be seen wearing a yellow ring of fear and turning evil, this was shown as a post-credit scene, which was totally wasted as the sequel of the film was never made.

Slipknot – Suicide Squad

We all know how big a character Slipknot is in the comics. The member of the Suicide Squad was there in the 2016 film too but was given a screen time of mere 2 minutes. The character tries to flee when Boomerang talks about the bombs in their necks being fake leading to his death as Flagg notices him trying to escape and activates the explosive, killing him.

Ra’s Al Ghul- The Dark Knight Rises

dc cameosNo one needs to know how big a character Ra’s is. He has been on the earth for about 600 years. Due to his regeneration, thanks to the Lazarus Pit, he’ not just been able to regain his strength, but also cheat death numerous times. When it was told that Liam Nesson, playing Ra’s would be coming back in the third part of the Nolan trilogy, it seemed as a big tease for the Head Of The Demon’s return. To everyone’s shock, he came alright, but just as a mere hallucination.

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