8 Best Cinematic Moments of Spiderman

Spiderman movies have made a huge impact on Hollywood. This was the first series to Kick-start the Superhero genre in a significant way. There are plenty of moments that we cheer and enjoy from these movies. Here are the best ones.

Spiderman Fighting The Lizard (The Amazing Spiderman)

The villain of the Spiderman reboot movie was quite impactful and very unique from the ones we had seen before. And the climax of the movie was actually the best part of it, where Peter has to stop the Lizard in order to save to entire city.

Wrestling (Spiderman)

The wrestling scene from the first ever Spiderman movie was fabulously written and shot. Peter Parker enters the ring and uses his powers to beat a much bigger opponent than him. This scene was really important for his origin as he came to know what he is capable of.

Surgery Scene (Spiderman 2)

Shortly after an experiment goes wrong, a group of surgeons takes on the task of finding a way to remove the mechanical arms attached to the body of Doctor Octavius. The scene quickly turns horrific when the arms begin to wake up and attack the surgeons, killing them one by one. This was the first time the audiences were terrified of a Spidey villain.

Battle with Green-Goblin (Spiderman)

The climactic battle with Green Goblin at the end of the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film is highly entertaining. The performance of both Tobey Maguire and William Dafoe was amazing and we loved the climactic battle between the two a lot, where Spidey saves the kids, saves his girl and then takes down the Goblin.

Peter Gathers Strength (Spiderman Homecoming)


After Peter was under the debris of the building that fell on him, he was stuck under a big stone and could not get up. It is during that scene that he believes in himself, that the strength lies within him and not the suit, and ends up lifting the stone and setting himself free. This was the first time Spidey felt really Inspiring.

Gwen Stacy’s Death (The Amazing Spiderman 2)

Even though this film is one of the weakest Spider-Man movies it still has some good moments, especially the way in which Gwen Stacy met her untimely end. The scene is done with such care and precision that it’s the most memorable moment of the film because it mirrors what happened in the comics so well and gives a sense of sorrow at the same time.

Airport Fight (Captain America: Civil War)

The movie was a huge success and had a lot of memorable moments, and one of those was of our favorite Web Slinger. His entrance and presence in the whole airport battle were the highlights of it and he was one of the reasons why the movie was so good.

The Train Scene (Spiderman 2)

The movie is considered to be the best of all and the best scene in the film comes after the long train fight scene with Doc Ock. The train is hurdling to the end of its track filled with innocent civilians and Peter uses his webs to slow it down while putting everything he can into it. The sequence ends with him stopping the train in time before passing out.

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