5 Times Batman Proved That He Can Beat The Shit Out of Anyone

Well, Batman, as we all know, is a great detective, an amazing planner, and whatnot. But there still are some things that make fans go gaga and get them totally shocked to know. These are those times, where the caped crusader does something which is not humanly possible. Here are some of them:

Surfed..An Airplane?

Well, as weird as it may seem, Batsy has done this too, once a plane was just about to crash in Gotham, and the caped crusader launched himself from his Batmobile and went up on the top of the plane, attached its wings and steered it, almost dying in the endeavor.

Beat A God

All the big heroes were down, and Darkseid was still rampaging, Batman dies fighting Darkseid. Batman’s death here was a surprise to all, as he was considered too cool to die. In his final confrontation with Darkseid, the Dark Knight fires a radion bullet at him, the same bullet that killed Orion and severely wounds the villain. But moments later, he is killed by Dark Sied’s Omega Beam.

Defeated Superman

Well, no mere mortal can even think of defeating the Man of Steel, except Luthor, who only thinks about it. But the Dark Knight has repeatedly defeated the Man of Steel, most notably in the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.

Defeat The Justice League

Sure we know Bats can defeat the Justice League if he’s given a decent amount of time to prepare. How about a surprise attack? Well, the Joker poisons everyone in the League in order to kill Batman. But Batman being Batman, gets his Justice Buster out and defeats Wonder Woman, Flash and all others until Superman gets there, who is almost about to beat Bats, but naah. He too is beaten in the end.

Brought His Son Back from The Dead


Well, Batman can surely do somethings that other men can’t but bringing his son back from the dead is still too much. When Damian dies and even Ra’s Al Ghul isn’t able to bring him back from the Lazarus Pit, Bruce takes the body from Ra’s and goes to Apokolips, fights the freaking Darkseid and uses the Chaos shard in order to be his son back.

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