5 Most Badass Female Villains of DC Universe

DC universe is famous for being dark. Be it the superheroes or the villains all in this universe have a dark tone to them. And when we come to talk about the female supervillains they have a more sarcastic and sadistic tone towards them. So here is a list of the most badass evil women in the DC Universe:


She is one of the most feared villains of the DC universe. One of the lead female villains of Superman, Faora is a Kryptonian and the commander of the forces of zGeneral Zod. Having the equal powers as Superman, she sometimes can prove to be an equal match even for the Man of Steel.

Talia Al Ghul

She is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter who falls for Batman, both get married and Talia eventually becomes pregnant. In order to save her from an assassination Bruce when tries to protect her, almost dying himself, she realizes that their relationship would only make Bruce overprotective. So she fakes a miscarriage and both end their marriage. This storyline leads to the creation of Damian Wayne, the newest Robin. Talia is a gray character inclining more towards the darkness.

Granny Goodness

She is one of the strongest female villains that DC has to offer. Granny Goodness was not always an elite, she resides at Darkseid’s world and now is in charge of bringing in new recruits for Darkseid’s war. She tortures them and trains to be Darkseid’s henchmen.

Harley Quinn

Harley has no powers as such but still, she’s as badass a villain as one can get. The female counter part of Mr. J, when in the mood can even take on the Batman. She has also once been close to killing the caped crusader.


Female Villains dc

Selina Kyle is no new name for any of the DC fans, the infamous burglar, and Bruce Wayne’s current and never ending love interest has her own set of skills, that include agility, great reflexes, a camouflaging attitude. We could call her a female Batman with less of a conscience and a lack of toys from Mr. Fox. Though she can’t entirely be called a villain, yeah the anti-hero acts as a villain a number of times.

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