5 Things That Prove Ant-Man Was The Biggest Jerk Possible

Ant-Man is known to have a series of nervous breakdowns. But sometimes the dude just went too far. Here are some instances where Hank Pym went straight on disgusting:

Attacked The Avengers

Ant-Man (Hank Pym) has had a mental history. This can clearly be seen at the time the dude is mad at the Avengers for kicking him out. After which he even sent a robot to attack his former teammates. He also gave himself a name, Yellow jacket.

Beat His Wife

Hank Pym is known to have some issues when it comes to him. Be it him reinventing himself or being kicked out of the Avengers, Pym after feeling like a loser, started taking it out on the Wasp, who he used to beat. The Wasp one day stood for herself, showed the dude what he really was and eventually left him.

Beat Casie Lang

He does seem to be a woman beater. The bastard even beat Casie Lang, Scott Lang’s daughter who could turn big and went by the name Stature after Scott died in Avengers: Disassembled. What’s even worse is after giving her a blow he screams, “Who is your daddy now?”

Ant-Man Went Into A Showering Woman’s Bathroom

Pym, when saved a woman from being robbed asks her out on a date which she willingly agrees to, in order to repay him. After that, she calls it a night but Pym using his suit, gets into her bathroom while she is showering and looks at her. “This IS Life” is what he says.

Spied On Miss Marvel


While on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D., he went into the purse of a woman, Carol Danvers who turned out to be Miss Marvel. Then he got to her place and while she was showering, this dude again went into her bathroom. What’s even more grossing out is that he even decided to take pictures of her.

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