5 Actors Who Will Ruin Upcoming Movies

There are many actors or well, not even actors, who have been asked to play pretty important roles in some upcoming films. These, they are going to ruin for sure. How? Here are our reasons:

Emilia Clarke

Yeah let’s just face it, the Mother of Dragons isn’t really a great actress. It is her popularity that is making the studios cast her for the role in the Han Solo film. She doesn’t even know how to speak properly, but it is the foreign accent that she speaks in GOT that masks her bad acting skills.

Jessie Eisenberg

SuperheroOkay, Lex Luthor is a giant entrepreneur. He is bold, bald and really serious. He is not a guy in his mid-20s trying to act cool while doing everything. He is not at all someone who constantly murmurs or looks like a retard. WB you have killed this character. Eisenberg with his quirky schizophrenic way of speaking would make a good Riddler, but Luthor, Pure Trash, brother.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Jean Grey X-MEN: DARKH PHOENIX

This girl too has got herself some real good popularity due to the Game of Thrones TV show, but casting actors on basis of their popularity have never worked guys. Never. Turner has ruined the role of Jean in Apocalypse and in the next franchise, X-Men: Supernova that is centered around the Dark Phoenix timeline, she’ll undoubtedly have an even bigger part. And will ruin it.

Annabelle Wallis

Another pathetic actor, cast for a great film series such as ‘The Mummy Reboot’ she definitely will ruin the films. Already her role was cut in King Arthur film and even in Peaky Blinders she did nothing really good, well The Mummy would surely be doomed.



Yeah, Rihanna has been there in some films before. Most infamously in Battleship. Not that she’ll greatly ruin the film, but also she has absolutely no caliber in acting as such. Popularity isn’t the key to get your films running folks!!

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